That Time Again

Oh, man. It is that time again.  I've signed up for the Richmond Half Marathon.  

With the signage upage, came the beginning of pre-training.  Training for me does not officially begin for another week, so pre-training involves getting my legs used to running again.  

And of course, since I am running again (ouch) why not make it even more fun by doing it at 6 am (double ouch)?  


Good thing my sister and her boyfriend allow me to tag along for their morning runs.  It is always easier to get up when you know you are meeting people.  Even if my sister's boyfriend does lap me.   

Running blogs to come:
1) My Gear
2) Motivational Posters
3) My Training Plan--WARNING--My Contain Too Many Double Chin References
3) How To Jump Over Snakes While Threatening Them With Pepper Spray

...OK so the last one won't be a full blog post.  But it happened--so it only felt right to include it on the list. 

Off to bed.  Pre-training again tomorrow morning.  Which is two hours earlier than 'morning' should ever be. 

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