I used to do yoga

I used to do yoga. I loved it.  Well... sometimes during the class I hated it, but then loved it so much after that I would forget I hated it.

I think I miss yoga mostly because goes against everything that is natural within me.  And for 90 minutes a week, that might be just what I need. A little swim upstream to shake me awake from what is usual and expected of me.

Last week a friend of mine asked me to go to a new yoga class. Our old teacher had fallen in love (with a tree, or some pretty rock formation, no doubt) and moved away to get married.  She promised the new teacher was comparable to the former teacher who we both had swooned over.  And by swoon, I do hope you know I mean, we loved him for his impeccable sirsasana and peace chants.

This new class started with 10 minutes of meditation--or in non-yoga terms; awkward silent sitting.  10 minutes may not seem that bad, but just try sitting completely silent for two, even three minutes.

I'll wait.

Hard, right?

After meditation, we did the normal yoga stuff.  Dogs (downward and upward), pigeons, and warriors.  You know the drill.

After the usual stuff of yoga was over, the class came to an end.  Which means savasana. Aaaaah, the celestial nap that marks the end of suffering.  This savasana was so welcomed that at one point I had to pick my consciousness up off the floor, give it a good smack on the hinny to make sure I was awake.  I actually had a moment of panic thinking that I may have drifted off into a deep meditative state sleep, and was the only person left in the room and it was 3 am.

I wasn't. This time.


New look!

Please pardon the interruption while I do a little blog tidying. On this, the 150th blog post, I have decided to shake it up and make this blog (and photo website!) more my style. Which as it turns out, consists of a lot of white space. Who knew?

I love the outcome so far!

And in the name of make overs, here is my most recent personal makeover. 12 inches of hair--GONE

While I miss my long locks, I know someone needs it more than I do. So I'll just grow it out again to a desperately unmanageable length, and donate it all over again.


Terra and Alan- Engagement Shoot

I love this couple.  I mean, like love love. 

Two weeks before I got married, I met Terra.  I immediately invited her to my wedding.  I even invited her brand new boyfriend--now fiancĂ©.  

Terra and her (no longer brand new) boyfriend eventually moved to Charlottesville, and we got to hang out even more.  Alan and Terra have become amazing friends to not only me, but to my family. I cannot wait for these two to be married. 

Congrats again Terra and Alan!

Now for a few of  my favorite non-serious shots... 

Attack of the CAT!


It's been a really long week…

It’s ten minutes until I leave work and I’m mentally done for the day, so what is left to do? You’re right, go to the bathroom.

I round the sharp corner, glide through the doors of the bathroom and BOOM, I’m less than four inches from another woman’s face. Holy personal bubble Batman!

I back up, she backs up, both of us shocked by the near body slam we almost encountered. She looks at me and says “excuse me”. I look at her and say “I was just looking for a hug…”

She walked away confused.

Happy Friday.


Am I Pinky, or The Brain?

Me: What do you want to do for Valentines Day?

Husband: What we do every Valentines Day... try to take over the world.