Collier Family Christmas Portraits

I am so lucky to have family that ask me to take pictures for them. I am getting much needed experience with the work they are giving me and I happen to have a very good looking family and family-in-law so it makes my life so easy!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures I took with the Colliers this past weekend. It is Duncan's first Christmas and Megan wanted to be sure and get some photos. And I know, I know the last photo is blurry but I could not resist that sweet face!

I wish we could have gotten outside to do a few shots, but in favor of having a non-Popsicle for a nephew, we opted for all indoor shots.

That's all for now! Thanks Colliers!


Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving I celebrated with my in-laws. This family never ceases to amaze me with how much they have accepted me as a family member! Jeff and I took a short drive down to his Uncle's house to spend the day with the Naumann clan. There were over 20 people there, but nothing that I could not handle- with a family like mine I am used to crowds! The food was great and the gambling was fun too. :)

There were some adorable dishes there and I just had to snap a few pictures of the creativity of the Massey women!

I am so happy to have gotten to spend my first holiday with my new family. And in the spirit of my families tradition- here is a list of what I am thankful for this year!

1. Never ending love of my Father God
2. My husband's seemingly endless patience with me
3. Adorable nephews
4. The chance to buy a house this year
5. A job...
6. My new found hobby of photography
7. My sisters... can never say that one enough
8. Treadmills
9. Pepto Bismol - you're lying if you say you arn't
10. My wedding album - seriously... its amazing. :)

And one final piece of BIG news... while at Thanksgiving, Uncle Dan and his fiance Colleen asked me to photograph their WEDDING!!!!!! I am terrified, honored and in need of some Pepto... but mostly just happy to be a part of their day! But seriously- where's the pepto?


Ten Miler Tribulations: Part 1

This was me. Four miles run. My posture is shot, my head is obviously wagging and my gut is hanging out. Glorious.

This was my first race. Now I have signed up for my second. Not a 5k, not even a 10k- no, a 10 mile race! My sister Lauren and friend Jen are both such super runners and super supporters that I have decided to risk life and limb by running in the Charlottesville 10 Miler.

For a frame of reference, that's 5.5 miles more than I have ever willingly run.

I am following a training program for the next 4 months and after going through approx. the first month I feel better running now then I ever have before in my life.

However... it is still my life and there are bound to be rediculous tales to tell along the way. That is why I have decided to create a new "segment", if you will, tallying and recalling the trials of my 10 miler experience. Let's start with the latest...

Lauren and I joined a very small gym so that we can continue to train even in the winter. Around Charlottesville its gets super frigid and there is nothing worse than sucking down December's cold air with all of your chubby might. It's less like breathing and more like being struck in the stomach with an iron pipe.

Everyday when my sister and I meet for our work outs (be it a short run, long run or cross training) we always have tons of stories to share. This day- I was carrying mine in my bag.

You see my husband does not wake up before me so I try and pack my gym bag in the dark. I thought I was packing a sports bra. Instead I grabbed something that looks more like a knee brace for my current body then it did a bathing suite top. Needless to say- this was NOT my sports bra. It was a bandeau top. This is basically just the smallest piece of bathing suite you can buy for the top portion of a female body.

Knees crossed, Lauren and I stood in the dressing room wheezing from laughter. What was I supposed to do I ask you!?!??!!?! If you are a man- you cant understand but ladies- hear me out! 4 miles in a glorified head band.

Yeah... I pushed it out. Was I pleased? Not at all. Will it happen again? Most likely.

Regardless, I am planning on doing this dang thing. Its not going to be easy and I know things far worse than running in a spandex ruberband will befall me, but with the unimaginable strength that God will grant me, I can doooooit. Pray that.


The Eyes Have It

For the past six months I had been experiencing "floaters". Don't be grossed out. They are small black dots in my vision that make me feel like my glasses are always dirty. I won't lie... I often find myself swatting at fruit flies that do not exist. Its not embarrassing.

Regardless- I went to the eye doctor and it turns out that I have a retinal tear. Boo! Thankfully I was given a really peaceful resolve about the whole thing. I was not worried at all the night before I saw the specialist- a rarity for me. Frankly I worry about what I am going to have for snack the next day. And its not just because I am a chubster. Here I am with just one eye blown up.

The specialist was a dear who dilated my eyes making me nearly blind. I am naturally just about as nearsighted as my Grandmother (who is blind) and due to the dilation was as farsighted as my two-week-old nephew. Needless to say I felt drunk at nine thirty in the morning.

The doctor told me I needed laser surgery and to me- there is no laser surgery unless it is removing hair from my German upper lip. After it was all said in done I had the "surgery" that day! It was not painful and I had hardly any discomfort. Now, the yellow tears, the huge metal contact and the near blindness was not fun, but its better than the eye patch my husband was hoping for. :)

So- to close, let me just say big ups to modern medicine and as always big ups to Jesus.



Megan and Bobby gave birth to Duncan Barnett Collier on October 20th at 1:53. After a long wait (it seemed more than 9 months at times) we finally got to meet the newest member of the family. I was lucky enough to be there... camera in tow!

Before Megan and Bobby had the little precious D-man, I got to take a couple of pictures of their beautiful pregnancy. I may be biased but I will say that Bobby and Megan are going to be amazing parents. They are so in love with each other and remain in the Lord- a great recipe for the happiest baby on the block. Here are a couple of my favorites of Megan and Bobby.

Stay tuned for more pictures of both Duncan and Joshua- my two favorite boys!


Seriously Peanut...

I have realized that there are few things in this world that are as rewarding as being an aunt. Believe me, when people used to go on and on about their nieces and nephews I would listen to oblige them, and quickly change the subject to something a little less pathetic. Like Olympic curling.

Regardless of how much I used to seemingly loathe those who talked incessantly about their sisters/brothers (snot nosed) child, I HAVE BECOME ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!

I was so wrong to judge. Just... so... wrong. But let me explain! My nephew (the only one who has yet to show his face at least) is just about the most adorable child. And yes, I would have told my sister-in-law (hey KARE-BEAR!) if he was not cute. Or at least not fawned over the child the way I do. But this kid takes the cake. So I suppose I have an excuse when it comes to being "that girl". Look at this face...

But oh the JOYS of being an aunt! All the hugs and snugs and none of the sleepless nights! Sorry mothers out there, but you got the raw end of that deal.

Further more- Aunt-hood should have its own day. Why not? It's a full time job. Do you know how many times I have to take out my phone and show people pictures of my nephew and recount the latest and greatest story about this kid? Yeah... its exhausting. The hardest part though is not getting to be around him. Awwwww- I know. I'm a class-A pathetic Olympic curler. Broom and all.

Well for now, I await my second nephew. This time it is my oldest sister, and O to the M- I am about to rip the kid out. I want to meet the little guy so bad! My sister just keeps telling me that would be strange.

More updates on "Peanut" as he arrives!

Lemon out.



Oh dear... here comes the blog.

With such an exciting life I figured I should share!  Or because I'm so bored I should fill my time with blogging... But that's neither here nor there.

Whether it be exciting trips or simple funny stories to tell, tune in for updates in the life of the Charlottesville Chandlers! :)