30 Day Bikram Challenge - Class #4 and #5

  • When doing Bikram you should not eat for roughly two hours before the class.   I take this rule to heart after what happened during class #4.  It was a Saturday and somehow I didn't quite get my timing right and ended up eating fajitas about and hour before class...?  The whole time I was catching (or imagining?) whiffs of peppers and onions. Come on, Chandler.

  • My favorite quote from class was when the teacher declared "this position is equally as beneficial as it is uncomfortable".  I am convinced this should be the warning tag line for all bikram classes.

  • During the final savasana (laying on your back quietly), the instructor advised that we should try to remain absolutely still, which includes resisting the temptation to wipe your sweat.  After 90 minutes in a 100+ room, your sweat is no longer just glistening on your forehead.  You are actively dripping, rivers/tributaries/oceans of sweat you lay perfectly still.  I cannot tell you how similar this feels to having spiders crawling on you.  I mean, I've never experience it myself, but in class #5 I was imagining Harry Potter sized spiders. And yet it was glorious and satisfying feeling my fat crying.

So fajitas and imaginary spiders. That what you get for class #4 and #5.  Sad it wasn't a 100 day challenge?