Holy Sprints, Batman!

As Lauren and I bid farewell to our current gym membership, we decided it was only right to do one last MAX CAL BURN work out.

The work out consisted of a running warm up, followed by sprints, followed by the stair monster, and finally weight lifting.

But by taking another look at the title of the post, you will realize that I have not been terrified to cough or laugh because of the warm up, or the subsequent exercises. Ooooh no.  It was the sprinting.  We would do 30 seconds on, and 30 seconds off at the following intervals:


I will admit that the last 4 I did 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off.  Mostly because I was spent. But also because I am afraid of success. And spiders. 

Regardless, it was a doozy and my abs and inner thighs were a-far (on fire) the next day. And the next day. And I loved it.


I'm a Pilates Teacher!

A real for real pilates teacher

Here I am right before my first class!

Can you tell I am nervous as all get out? Well I was.  A whole bunch of my friends from church came out and took my first class ever.  It was so sweet!  Two of them are marines and I was happy to see them struggle. Even if it was only a little. :)

I have been teaching for a few weeks now and I am proud to report that no one has farted in my class yet!  Well... no students any way.

I'll be sure to share that when it happens. :)


So this is a little odd... (WARNING- Disturbing images)

A few months ago I was in a wedding at  vineyard. Sounds lovely, right?  Well yes, actually the wedding was quite lovely.  What happened after was not so much.  
 Some how I managed to walk into the forks of a forklift.  Twice. Twice.


I had no idea that my leg had pretty much slipt open like a hot dog bun, pluuuuus it was really late, so I did not even entertain the idea of going to the hospital.  Good or bad, that was the decision I/my husband who was driving made. 

When I showed my mother what had happened, her first reaction was *GASP!* 
 Then in a low, saddened tone she continued.
"But a woman's legs..." She fell silent, too verklempt to finish.  But a woman's legs what??  A woman's legs should not have a scar that runs from top to bottom of the shin that gets really purple in the cold?
 A women's leg should not bare resemblance to a member of a second rate lion taming crew?
Here is a picture of the leg.- You've been warned... its gross.

 So if you remember, the name of the blog post was "So this is a little odd."  Let's get to that part.

The odd thing is not the cut, or the fact that it looked like a cherry blossom branch (admit it). The odd thing is that all of my leg hair is blond. EXCEPT on the site of the trauma. Even the parts that did not actually scar are marked by dark let hairs.  I hope it does not last long. I'll keep you updated.