Fall Festival 2012

Fall Festival is my family's yearly get together. Everyone comes, we eat cookies, and the kids play with Nonni and Papa. It's perfect. No holiday-like expectations, just good ole family togetherness.  Allow me to explain in photographs.

This year the boys decided to belly up to the appetizer bar.  Why not?

Whit found himself under the appetizer bar, but happy all the same.

New baby! 

The next collection of photos is of us trying to wrangle the four grandbabies onto the couch to capture their matching shirts.  It was... interesting. 

For some reason, they are all blurry...

I love this one :)

It was glorious. Louder than normal, but glorious all the same.  Thanks for hosting, Nonni and Papa!  


My Running Must Haves

With only 8 days until the big day, my thoughts have been consumed by the race.  I sit down at my desk in the morning, and the race nudges me to look at the website that shows me exactly how much time is left before I cross the start line.  I do it mostly because the race has a really whiny tone before 10am.

8 days, 10 hours, 55 minutes, 14 seconds, um 13 seconds, er 12 seconds...

After I peel my eyes off the screen, I go to lunch, where I should be making innocent small talk with my co-workers.  Instead, the race reminds me that I should probably tell them about my latest PR, or about the line where my sports bra is rubbing my skin off.  They'd like to hear that, right?

Having the race as a constant companion makes me a pretty boring person, but I don't mind too much.  The race keeps me warm on my morning runs, helps me go to bed early and is even pretty good about making me eat well.

As far as companions go, I'd say I could have done worse. Ever heard of that b@&$!, Wedding Planning? She's no good for anyone with a pulse.

Since I've been thinking about the race so much, I thought I would be productive and put together my must haves list...

1) Running tights- Don't ride up, don't ride down. Miracle of miracles.  Target carries them and I have two pairs that I wear year round.

2) iPod shuffle- So cute, so small, so full of early 2000's punk and current crappy pop music.   

3) Garmin running watch- It's a real monster, but it tells me how fast I'm going, how far I've gone, and just about any other metric you could ever care to know.  It's cheaper than a gym membership and gets my hiney in the outdoors. 

4) Write Socks Running II- These bad boys rock. They don't shuffle down your ankle and end up gathered in you the heel of your shoe (which could be the worst feeling in the world), and they keep you from getting blisters.  Love!

5) Shoes-  I'm not into the barefoot craze so these are pretty much mandatory.  I would urge all new runners to walk for a professional  sneaker fitter and get whatever uggo shoes they prescribe.  Ain't no one looking at your feet.

6) GU- These are pretty important for me during long runs. I can run out of gas pretty fast, so it's nice to have something in my pocket that really picks me up. Only problem is that they taste a bit fuuuunky.  I have to remind myself that they taste like melted gummy bears.  They taste like melted gummy bears?  They don't.  They. Do. Not. 

So there you have it. My running must haves!  What are yours?  Oh, whats that?  You don't run and won't comment? Neat-o.