Fall Festival 2012

Fall Festival is my family's yearly get together. Everyone comes, we eat cookies, and the kids play with Nonni and Papa. It's perfect. No holiday-like expectations, just good ole family togetherness.  Allow me to explain in photographs.

This year the boys decided to belly up to the appetizer bar.  Why not?

Whit found himself under the appetizer bar, but happy all the same.

New baby! 

The next collection of photos is of us trying to wrangle the four grandbabies onto the couch to capture their matching shirts.  It was... interesting. 

For some reason, they are all blurry...

I love this one :)

It was glorious. Louder than normal, but glorious all the same.  Thanks for hosting, Nonni and Papa!  

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  1. I just have absolutely no idea how those pictures could be blurry. Those boys are always still and well behaved. :) Thank you for posting, sister! I love you!