The Webbies

How do I describe the Webbies?  He is smart, funny and genuine. She just got her Ph.D in Chemistry but even more than that,  she is gorgeous and sweet.  

These two have become some amazing friends to Jeff and I.  We have been so lucky to have them in our lives for the past few years. Sadly for us, but fortunate for them, they are moving back to their home state of West Virginia.  

I wanted to do some photos of them before they leave--which is this weekend... wah! I claimed they were for their 5 year anniversary, but really I just wanted to hang out with them.  :)  Jeff came along to ensure we were all laughing our butts off the whole time.  

Enjoy the photos!

Note the husband photo bomb...


Law and Stevie

A few months ago, my beautiful cousin's kids were in town hanging out with their grandparents for spring break.  I got to hang out with them for a while, which was a blast since they live in NYC and we don't get to see them much. 

Allow me to quickly paint a picture of the kind of little one, Stevie is.  

A while back, my cousin offered Stevie a balloon as a treat for being cooperative one Sunday morning. Stevie picked out a balloon, walked it over to her mother and told her to "blow it up, Sunshine!".  

This has since become a bit of a family saying, which takes on multiple meanings depending on the mood.

Take a look at the photos and note the sass. It was certainly something. :)

Her brother takes a more chill approach to life, and poses like a pro. No lie- I did not put him in any poses--he did these all himself.

Thanks again, Law and Stevie!


Tracy and David- Charlottesville Wedding

Tracy and David hold a special place in my heart. First, I grew up with Tracy and her amazing family.  Second, they got married in my childhood church.  Third, they were just such a fun couple!

Tracy was such a calm, gorgeous bride who constantly wanted to make sure I was having a good time.  By the way--I had a blast. :)

David and his boys were a hoot. They were all genuinely excited for David and Tracy.  Cute, right?  

Together, Tracy and David had genuine fun together. From giggling during the vows, to skipping down the aisle.  I hope you two enjoy a lifetime of those giggles!

Here are some photos from their wedding at Jefferson Park Baptist Church, and reception at the Omni Charlottesville.  Enjoy!