Oh Snap

Its time again for another edition of stupid things I'm doing to inflict pain and waste time.

Kidding, but it is time to start half marathon training again. This weekend marked the first weekend that Lauren and I began our ritual long runs. This weekend was 6 miles and after eating too much crab over at my mom's house the night before and lets be honest - 4 beers, the run was not awesome. But it was not terrible.

Know what is terrible? My friend's mustache.

He grew a goatee and then decided it was time to chester it up a bit, so he cut it into a mustache. After weeks of being harassed about said facial hair, we decided after church that it was high time we capitalize on the creepy nature. So the husband and I searched the goodwill for the best clothing to fit the situation.

Three words- electric blue turtleneck. Take a peak at some of the portraits that were captured during our fine outing to the park. And don't worry, the kids were (legally) 100 ft away from him at all times.