I need to sloooooow down.

I put a leather high heal wedge in the washing machine and did not realize until I went to put it in the dryer.



These two = Adorable

When I first met Angela's mother, I thought she was the sweetest person ever.  Then I met Angela.  THEN I met Ricky. Honestly, every member of this family is genuine and dear to my heart. I cannot wait to meet the newest member of the clan. :)

Congrats Angela and Ricky, and thanks for letting me share in your joy!

PS Carters Mountain is gorgeous.  Despite the climb. :)


New J-O-B

I started a new job.  Such a good decision, since I hated my old one.

I mean HATED it.  So much so that I would to glance hourly at the post-it notes below (hidden in my desk drawer, for fear of being fired) to remind myself that my job at CrapTastic Corp was not forever.

"Why yes, I am overqualified"

I am (somewhat) over it, since I now have a shiny new job.  No need for snarky post-it note pick-me-ups. 

Week one at my new j-o-b went a little somfen like this:

- Spilt coffee all over my desk less than two hours into day one.
- Forgot deodorant day two.
- Got stuck in the revolving door day three.
- Told someone my name was Megan on day four.  It's not. My name is not Megan.
- Got stuck in the revolving door day five.  This time it was not my fault.  It still hurt the pride a little.

Despite these minor set backs, I am super hopeful that I am going to last longer than three years and never have the urge to do... well... the things I had urges to do at CrapTastic Corp.  Let's just leave it at that. :)


Richmond 8k

This weekend I am running the HCA VA 8k in Richmond.  This is my first 8k, and I must admit that the lower mileage has made me a biiiiiiiit lazy in my training.  I don't think it helps that I have been training sans-sister, since she is doing the half marathon, like a Kenyan.

Besides the obvious reasons for my laziness (4.97 miles vs. 13.1), some not so obvious reason for my distraction (a nicer term for laziness), was my 2 weeks notice and subsequent week off from a job.  Oh and a new nephew. :)  More on all of those items later.

My master plan for the 8k:
-Maybe walk
-Have 2-3 stomach episodes
-Gain some amazing insight on humanity
-Quickly lose aforementioned insight after crossing the finish line
-Be sore the next day

Just like any other race, right?  Can't wait.