Richmond 8k

This weekend I am running the HCA VA 8k in Richmond.  This is my first 8k, and I must admit that the lower mileage has made me a biiiiiiiit lazy in my training.  I don't think it helps that I have been training sans-sister, since she is doing the half marathon, like a Kenyan.

Besides the obvious reasons for my laziness (4.97 miles vs. 13.1), some not so obvious reason for my distraction (a nicer term for laziness), was my 2 weeks notice and subsequent week off from a job.  Oh and a new nephew. :)  More on all of those items later.

My master plan for the 8k:
-Maybe walk
-Have 2-3 stomach episodes
-Gain some amazing insight on humanity
-Quickly lose aforementioned insight after crossing the finish line
-Be sore the next day

Just like any other race, right?  Can't wait.


  1. Great job, Robin: Your old job, your new job, the race and your blog. I love you and appreciate your humor. Most of the time.
    Congratulations on everything!!!

  2. i'd like to hear more about your new job. what are the chairs like? is your mouse wireless? where could one take a nap? how many legal-sized envelopes does it take to fill up your personal mailbox? is there a dress code? is it enforced? does a bolo count as a necktie? are jeggings popular? what about the corduroy ones? you know, i saw them at sam's the other day, and aside from being a great deal (of course:)), they just looked so comfortable. i was wondering when they'd get to making the corduroy ones, and there was i was, in sam's, pleased as punch! good thing i had the cart already loaded with ribs and brussel sprouts, because i would have filled it up with corduroy jeggings. they had tan, black, and navy. darryl didn't like the tan ones, but i says to darryl, "who asked you anyways, hon?" that darryl. always telling me what he thinks.