New site and a name change!

A new site!  A name change!  

I am excited to be making these much needed changes.  While this little blog has been great in helping me keep memories, and share my photos, it is time to make the leap to a new site.

And the name change? That was prompted by (several) people asking me who "Carly" is.  Carlyle is apparently not an easy name to pronounce.  That, paired with the fact that people thought Carly was one of my sisters, really brought home the fact that a change was needed.  

So here we are. The last post on this blog.  

Sad, but exciting.

If you wish to continue following me, my little family, and my photography, feel free to log onto www.robinchandlerphoto.com and choose the blog tab.



30 Day Bikram Challenge-- Class #16-21

...Not sure how this one didn't get published... All these months later, here it is!

Class #16
  • 4:30 Friday class- sooo empty!
  • There is a new teacher in class.  She was a B-.
  • I had to do class in glasses.  They were constantly sliding down my face.  I don't need another thing to distract me from this goal. Arg!
  • Why am I in glasses? Oh that's a fun story.  It's because I tore my cornea.  Allow me to explain. During class, inevitably my mascara starts to run and I look like a monster. So I grabbed a tissue to wipe the mascara off my face and must of hulked out on my right eye.  There is a for real chunk gone. I'm such a spaz!

Class #17
  • Class was packed so I had to stand where my reflection was split by a seam in the giant mirror. One second I looked super skinny, but one shift in the mirror and I looked like some sort of jabba/Robin hybrid.  Kept things interesting.
  • I had to wear glasses again. The sliding. The fogging. The drips of sweat on the lenses. 
  • Take them off you say? HA!  I have no balance when they are not on since my eye sight is so bad. Thanks for the advice.
  • During the seated postures (more accurately, the laying down on your stomach postures), the teacher came and walked on the pads of my feet. I'm not exactly a foot enthusiast, so it was equal parts gross and amazing.
  • I was SO HUNGRY after class.  Below is disguising evidence of my aimless post yoga grocery store wandering.

Class #18

  • Unless I have practiced with someone a ton, there are normally two looks I get from other students. 
    • Smiling.  You can do this tubby tubby!
    • What is that thing doing in here?
  • I don't know which look I hate more.
  • There were no newbies in class so the teacher was able to give extra instructions for each pose so I was able to get really far into each pose.  So much excitement followed by soul crushing knee pain.

Class #19
  • Just an ordinary class.
  • I don't think I have 11 classes left in me.
  • Tomorrow is a double. I have a ton more doubles to do if I want to pull this thing off.
  • I have a friend coming to both classes so I'm super excited about that at least...

Class #20
  • My friend Crystal came to class #1 of tonight's double. YAAH!  She was kinda amazing at it.  Some people are just naturals, and she was certainly one of them.  
  • After class I ran out to grab friend #2, Julianne!

Class #21
  • Julianne might have been my favorite guest of all times. She was so bubbly the whole time. Not sure how it possible!
  • After class, the teacher was rude to my guest and acted like he would rather talk to a dog than my guest or myself.
  • Tonight my body feels so beaten up, I am considering stopping because I am ver it.  My schedule is also really getting in the way. Whats more? I am not sure I want to do it any more.
  • Knees, achilles, shoulders, elbows.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

21 classes in 30 days.

I woke up the day after class 21 completely at peace that I was done.  Finished.  I had learned so much about myself and my body.  I was so happy and relieved.  

It's time to heal, tubby body, heal!