30 Day Bikram Challenge-- Class #16-21

...Not sure how this one didn't get published... All these months later, here it is!

Class #16
  • 4:30 Friday class- sooo empty!
  • There is a new teacher in class.  She was a B-.
  • I had to do class in glasses.  They were constantly sliding down my face.  I don't need another thing to distract me from this goal. Arg!
  • Why am I in glasses? Oh that's a fun story.  It's because I tore my cornea.  Allow me to explain. During class, inevitably my mascara starts to run and I look like a monster. So I grabbed a tissue to wipe the mascara off my face and must of hulked out on my right eye.  There is a for real chunk gone. I'm such a spaz!

Class #17
  • Class was packed so I had to stand where my reflection was split by a seam in the giant mirror. One second I looked super skinny, but one shift in the mirror and I looked like some sort of jabba/Robin hybrid.  Kept things interesting.
  • I had to wear glasses again. The sliding. The fogging. The drips of sweat on the lenses. 
  • Take them off you say? HA!  I have no balance when they are not on since my eye sight is so bad. Thanks for the advice.
  • During the seated postures (more accurately, the laying down on your stomach postures), the teacher came and walked on the pads of my feet. I'm not exactly a foot enthusiast, so it was equal parts gross and amazing.
  • I was SO HUNGRY after class.  Below is disguising evidence of my aimless post yoga grocery store wandering.

Class #18

  • Unless I have practiced with someone a ton, there are normally two looks I get from other students. 
    • Smiling.  You can do this tubby tubby!
    • What is that thing doing in here?
  • I don't know which look I hate more.
  • There were no newbies in class so the teacher was able to give extra instructions for each pose so I was able to get really far into each pose.  So much excitement followed by soul crushing knee pain.

Class #19
  • Just an ordinary class.
  • I don't think I have 11 classes left in me.
  • Tomorrow is a double. I have a ton more doubles to do if I want to pull this thing off.
  • I have a friend coming to both classes so I'm super excited about that at least...

Class #20
  • My friend Crystal came to class #1 of tonight's double. YAAH!  She was kinda amazing at it.  Some people are just naturals, and she was certainly one of them.  
  • After class I ran out to grab friend #2, Julianne!

Class #21
  • Julianne might have been my favorite guest of all times. She was so bubbly the whole time. Not sure how it possible!
  • After class, the teacher was rude to my guest and acted like he would rather talk to a dog than my guest or myself.
  • Tonight my body feels so beaten up, I am considering stopping because I am ver it.  My schedule is also really getting in the way. Whats more? I am not sure I want to do it any more.
  • Knees, achilles, shoulders, elbows.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

21 classes in 30 days.

I woke up the day after class 21 completely at peace that I was done.  Finished.  I had learned so much about myself and my body.  I was so happy and relieved.  

It's time to heal, tubby body, heal!

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