Sick. So very sick.

I got whatever illness is floating around work. Buuuuuuh.

First Indicator: I had to have another instructor finish my Bootcamp class.  I ran to the office in the middle of class and said "Kelly... help... sick... I'm on ab prep."

Second Indicator: Went out to dinner, ate 1/4 of my meal.   I know what you are thinking. "Why didn't I take myself to the hospital right then?"  I don't know, friends. I don't know.

I can only come up with one reason as to why I have been stricken with this nastiness.  My now co-workers have children. 


My previous co-workers did not have children, and therefore did not give me their children's (and all of their children's playmate's) germs via keyboards sharing and butt slaps of congratulations.

The Nasty Details:

Yesterday I puked and puked and slept and slept with a steady diet of ginger ale and Gatorade.

Today I am able to eat (tater tots…?) and drink coffee.  I am not without some symptoms, though. 

It seems I cannot stand up without having to squeeze my eyes shut for fear of my eyeballs popping out of my head.  Not to worry, I moved a TV into my bedroom and have been busy watching Biggest Loser and How I Met Your Mother, thereby keeping my eyes in my sockets.

I think all I will need is a little more sleep (because 13 hours today was not enough?) and a shower and I will be back to new.   Or, at least, a slightly weakened version of myself.  

Dang you, people with children!  Kidding. I love you, work wife!


The Weekend With E

This weekend I ate a bunch of this:

And got to snuggle and kiss on this:

Almost made me want to make my own.  :)


Working for the weekend

I am so excited about the upcoming weekend with this little guy. 

Hopefully we'll get messy...

Hang out in our pajamas...

And maybe we'll party hard (because that's the only reason to wear your hat sideways)...

And have no extraneous screaming. 

I can't wait.  


Mind Readers

If my massage therapist could have read my mind last night, she would have heard some rather interesting thoughts.  

Such as the song I made up (professing my love to her, and planning our escape), or the many grunts of approval I so desperately tried to keep on the inside....

"Ooooh girl, you've got a gift.  That's right, uh huh.  Under the shoulder blaaaaaaaaade."

On the other hand, if my dentist could hear my thoughts, I would have a restraining order filed against me....

"Which magazine should I cut up to make his ransom note? Never mind, they'll never find the body anyway."

Actually, come to think of it, both my dentist and my massage therapist would only be right to have restraining orders against me if they could read my minds.

Or my blog.

P.S. Dear Litigious Society Members- I have never, nor will I ever, plan the death of my dentist or the kidnapping/lovers runaway with my massage therapist.


Questions and Statements.

This picture has nothing to do with questions or statements, unless that question is: "Was that photo session with the nephews a failure?" And the statement would be: "yes".

But I had to share.  Arn't they sweet?  Oh the things we make them do.

Moving on.


-Can there be anything worse than realizing you have a hole in your shoes only AFTER stepping in a puddle?      
      Come to think of it, there might be....   Realizing you forgot to wrap the toilet at work by standing up and feeling you bottom is wet.   I've experienced both of these situations this week but still think I came out on top.

-Can you wear glasses while you work out?  Doesn't seem like it would work all that well, unless I got some sweet rec specs.  Guess I'll find out since I'm glasses bound for the next 3-4 weeks. 

-What would I do if I farted in my car and then immediately got pulled over by a cop?   These are the things that run through my mind...

-Is there anything better than yoga pants?  I could wear them all day every day.  When I am home, I wear nothing but yoga pants.  All with varying levels of cleanliness. Ewww


-The right side of my body, from my shoulder to the crown of my head hurts. Thank goodness I have a massage on tomorrow!  Thanks Mom for the birthday gift!

-We got to go out to breakfast with new friends on Saturday. I felt like a real grown up saying that.  A freakin cool one at that. New friend is a fellow blogger (and a new-to-be mommy!). Her blog rocks. Check here out here!  

-Minimalizing my house is harder than I thought it would be. And is messier than I thought it would be.  It's an exciting experiment, but I still want my tee-shirts.

-Every day this week there has been someone out sick from work.  I really hope I don't get what is going around. 

The clip below is me when I get sick.  Let's hope it does not get me this year.  


Fresh Specs

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning (hi, Mom!), you may remember back when I was having floaters in my eye and had to have laser "surgery".  Now I am having an allergic reaction to something (?) and subsequently have to use steroid drops in my eye.

(Enter muscle joke here).

This means that I will not be able to wear contacts for 4 weeks.  Buuuh.

Good thing I recently ordered some new glasses from BonLook, a great (and cheap!) online glasses store.  The best part of the website is trying on the glasses virtually by uploading a picture of yourself, or by accessing your webcam. That's how I knew the brown "Bonnie and Clyde" frame would make me look this ridiculous:

My mom swears she had some just like it in the 80's. I've seen pictures, and I must tell you there is a spooky resemblance.  But I'll take it. My mom was hot in the 80's.  Does my saying that make you uncomfortable?  yikes

To leave you, I thought I would share on of my favorite clips about glasses.  Yeah, I think in TV quotes.  Get over it.

Have a great day!


P.S. Take a look at the website and let me know what glasses you like best!


Happy New Year!

I hate New Years Eve for the most part, but this one was fun. The husband and I hung out with our friends and had a low key night.

Except the midnight jumping picture above.
 Aaaand Jeff's (blurry) man crush

 Oh, and trying out the timer on my camera.   What can I say, I'm never not behind the camera, so this self timer stuff was new to me.

 All in all, this New Years Eve was fun.  Woot.  Go 2012!

Speaking of 2012, Jeff and I made a not so resolution, resolution.  We have decided to become practical minimalists.  We have started to purge our house of the items that we don't need, and that clutter our lives (and subsequently our minds).  Much more on that later. :)

We now have only 8 of the following:
-Coffee cups
-Water glasses
-Wine glasses

2 of the following:
-Frying Pans

We have rid ourselves of all the stuff we don't need any more.  WHY would I need 4 cheese knives?  I mean, I like cheese and all...

Any way, having a 'minimalist' kitchen feels so good.  Cleaning up after dinner this evening took about 4 minutes. BLESSING.

Below are shots of the items we are getting rid of from our kitchen.

Here are the "after" pictures, if you will.

I'm in love with our minimalist changes, minus the throwing away of my tee-shirts. So... many... tee-shirts.  Pretty, pretty tee-shirts, that just wanted my love.

Happy 2012, all. How was your new years? What are your resolutions?


Adult Decisions

Listen up. I'm unsettled with a new trend in my life.  Lately I have been making decisions that "make sense" as an adult.  Eww.

Here are three prime examples of the questions that have run through my head and the lame adult solutions I have been forced to come up with.

1) Getting sick?  Starting a new job on Monday?  Want to go to a concert until the wee hours of the morning, dancing your fevered face off?

Outcome: I didn't do it.  I didn't go to the concert I had been wanting to go to for months.  The good news, was that I was able to sell the tickets.  No money lost. Another win in the adult column.

2) Want to wear a yellow cardigan with super cute fuchsia tights to work?  Want to make a statement?  Want to show everyone you're not afraid to make daring fashion choices (or that you dress in the dark)?

Outcome:  I didn't.  I apparently have to be classy, not flashy?  Boo!

3) Want to keep the size small tee shirts you wore in college?  Want to glance longingly at them and remember the glory days of not sweating while you did something as simple as brush your teeth?

Outcome: I threw away (or put aside for a tee-shirt quilt) a huge stack of shirts I don't/can't/shouldn't wear any more. Lesson learned.  Sausage casing as tee-shirts are not cute, regardless of how sassy the saying on it is.

Hooray for a clean closet.

Honestly this whole "adult" thing did not hit me until a few weeks ago when I offered to sew a button on my husbands flannel shirt.

I offered.

To sew.

A button.

On my husband's flannel shirt.


Who am I?