Adult Decisions

Listen up. I'm unsettled with a new trend in my life.  Lately I have been making decisions that "make sense" as an adult.  Eww.

Here are three prime examples of the questions that have run through my head and the lame adult solutions I have been forced to come up with.

1) Getting sick?  Starting a new job on Monday?  Want to go to a concert until the wee hours of the morning, dancing your fevered face off?

Outcome: I didn't do it.  I didn't go to the concert I had been wanting to go to for months.  The good news, was that I was able to sell the tickets.  No money lost. Another win in the adult column.

2) Want to wear a yellow cardigan with super cute fuchsia tights to work?  Want to make a statement?  Want to show everyone you're not afraid to make daring fashion choices (or that you dress in the dark)?

Outcome:  I didn't.  I apparently have to be classy, not flashy?  Boo!

3) Want to keep the size small tee shirts you wore in college?  Want to glance longingly at them and remember the glory days of not sweating while you did something as simple as brush your teeth?

Outcome: I threw away (or put aside for a tee-shirt quilt) a huge stack of shirts I don't/can't/shouldn't wear any more. Lesson learned.  Sausage casing as tee-shirts are not cute, regardless of how sassy the saying on it is.

Hooray for a clean closet.

Honestly this whole "adult" thing did not hit me until a few weeks ago when I offered to sew a button on my husbands flannel shirt.

I offered.

To sew.

A button.

On my husband's flannel shirt.


Who am I?

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