Mind Readers

If my massage therapist could have read my mind last night, she would have heard some rather interesting thoughts.  

Such as the song I made up (professing my love to her, and planning our escape), or the many grunts of approval I so desperately tried to keep on the inside....

"Ooooh girl, you've got a gift.  That's right, uh huh.  Under the shoulder blaaaaaaaaade."

On the other hand, if my dentist could hear my thoughts, I would have a restraining order filed against me....

"Which magazine should I cut up to make his ransom note? Never mind, they'll never find the body anyway."

Actually, come to think of it, both my dentist and my massage therapist would only be right to have restraining orders against me if they could read my minds.

Or my blog.

P.S. Dear Litigious Society Members- I have never, nor will I ever, plan the death of my dentist or the kidnapping/lovers runaway with my massage therapist.

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