Jules' Babies

Lately I have been thinking... I cannot maintain two blogs. I can barely maintain brushed hair.  So today I'm making a photo post on my life blog.  Yeah... get used to the combo. I think I like it.

Here goes...

I had the pleasure of photographing a the children of a good friend.  The eldest, a boy, and his twin sisters.  They were a handful, but it was so much fun hanging out with the whole gang! Jules is a warrior woman.

Jules moved to Texas with her hunny bun, but came back to Virginia for a visit, and we decided to catch a few pictures of the kiddos. We even got some bubble bath photos that were to die for -  WHICH I will not be posting those here, so just scurry along purvy murvey.


Cutie Patootie.

I love Jules' tattoo and those little hands

Such a happy baby!

Make that two happy babies

Momma and Baby 1

Momma and baby 2

Isn't she gorgeous?

Hahaha. This might be my favorite picture of the handsome man


The Weekend with the In-Laws

Here is a short list of things we did during my weekend with the in-laws.

- We bought sausage at the farmers market. And here I was thinking the farmers market only sold vegetables and hemp hats.
- We went to three wine tastings, and saw some gorgeous views.
- We ate at Michie Tavern.  Can you say yum?
- I had a very hard time not saying "so's your mom" to most of Jeff's comments to me.  Now that the mother-in-law is gone, that sassy retort has returned.
- We tried 'juicing' together.  The family that juices together, stays together, you know.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

My review system was very sophisticated.

Mmmm... above and below!



This wine was silly good.

I was really just trying to get a shot of the background, but I could snot resist the posing husband.


The Anatomy of a Goodbye

I hate goodbyes.  Especially when they are unexpected.  There is no end of summer camp feel to this goodbye.  No finished with freshman year farewell.

No, this goodbye has no rhyme or reason.  Just a friend who has to move away.

[Tear stained shirt-Drenched eyes-Hands shaking-Heads hung-Praises raised]

The anatomy of a goodbye.

Sorry so somber.  This old heart is heavy.


Red Lipstick

Hussy.  Ho bag.  Skank.  My first thoughts about RED lipstick.

Buuuut, after reading this blog post, and especially THIS one, I decided to take the plunge and try some red lips.

                                                               Ruby Woo by M.A.C.

Pardon the goofy pose, but I'm in love.

I walked downstairs to my husband after many many minutes of prepping myself for his response.  His first reaction was... WOAH.  He said it was "not me" but that he thought he could get used to it. :) Still not sure where I will premiere my look.  Work might fire me, and pilates doesn't seem at all right.

Regardless, I'm rather smitten with my new look only because I feel so womanly.  Not at all like a hussy.

 P.S. If you look really hard you can see the feathers I got put in my hair this weekend.  I think I'm hitting some sort of quarter life crisis.  A couple months late, but pretty fierce non-the-less.



My in-laws are coming tonight.

Duuuuuhn dun dun.

And while some people would be rushing around their houses freaking out and dreading the weekend, I am rushing around my house singing and dancing [happiness and good music].

My in-laws rock. Fancy Nancy, my mother-in-law, is sweet, funny and 100% chasing after God's will for her family.  LOVE that.

Big Red is funny, charming, sweet and easy to be around.  That's saying a lot for a father-in-law, huh?

They both treat me like a treasured daughter.  Lucky, lucky me.

They also don't mind if my house is not perfect when they get here.  But my husband does, so I must go.  I'll post pictures of our adventures later!

Happy Friday. :)


I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

I have been blessed with a great group of friends recently.  I thought I would share.

First there is Joanna, aka Dr. W.  She is brilliant, beautiful and completely talented.  But she never lets on that she knows.  One of the best people to just be around.  And craft with.

Next, Mary Allison- I would say that she is the most devoted friend a girl could ask for. Kind, powerful, bright- both mentally and through her effervescent glow. Spencer's mom and a dang good one at that.

Next there is Lauren. So dear, so giving, so dang driven and smart. No, scratch that. Wise.  Yeah, wise.  But best of all she is lovely. Inside and out. Lovely describes Lauren best, but sassy does a pretty good job too.

Joni- Our host.  Classic, clever, crafty. She could break your arm in a breath, but is a genuine southern belle.  Always honest and hardworking. I think I want to be her.

Katie- Or Dr. B as we will one day call her.  She is awesomely honest as well, and luxuriously wide-eyed.  A genuinely sharp girl who loves her family almost as much as I do.

Lastly there is me. And I'd call myself a lucky girl.


Recent Yums

I recently had a realization that I can cook anything I want. I can pick up the ingredients, and make anything.

Not striking you as a monumental epiphany?  At this moment, I am wondering what was so amazing as well...

On the cusp of this mental bombshell, I have made two dishes that I had the wherewithall to photograph so that I could post.

Hoppin' John:
An old family recipe that my husband swears he can eat every week. I've tested this.

The next recipe has no name.  It is just something random I made from ingredients I had laying around the house.  I Muzzy'd my fridge.

Just thought I would share.

 Not the food. The pictures.