I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

I have been blessed with a great group of friends recently.  I thought I would share.

First there is Joanna, aka Dr. W.  She is brilliant, beautiful and completely talented.  But she never lets on that she knows.  One of the best people to just be around.  And craft with.

Next, Mary Allison- I would say that she is the most devoted friend a girl could ask for. Kind, powerful, bright- both mentally and through her effervescent glow. Spencer's mom and a dang good one at that.

Next there is Lauren. So dear, so giving, so dang driven and smart. No, scratch that. Wise.  Yeah, wise.  But best of all she is lovely. Inside and out. Lovely describes Lauren best, but sassy does a pretty good job too.

Joni- Our host.  Classic, clever, crafty. She could break your arm in a breath, but is a genuine southern belle.  Always honest and hardworking. I think I want to be her.

Katie- Or Dr. B as we will one day call her.  She is awesomely honest as well, and luxuriously wide-eyed.  A genuinely sharp girl who loves her family almost as much as I do.

Lastly there is me. And I'd call myself a lucky girl.


  1. How do we summarize you? A few words come to mind - witty, clever, non-stop entertainer, and still the most sensitive and caring person I know. Oh yeah, and the wind beneath my wings.

  2. My forever heartbeat,
    I love being your stalker :-)

    We are so blessed to have you as apart of our lives. Your sense of humor never lets me leave a room without peeing my pants, your style makes me jealous (so artsy), your creativity is something everyone longs for, you are goreous, your dance moves makes me want to be your roomate in college and party like a rock star, and I especially love your smile.... that's why I stalk you. It's gonna be MEEEEEHHHH!
    Your Lovee Bubbee