Husband and I.  Respect the beard.

Heeeeeeey there gang. My name is Robin and I am the author of this  little blog.

I currently live in good ole' Virginia, where I grew up.  I've traveled to a ton of other states, and find I keep on yearning for the Blue Ridge mountains.  Maybe I'll leave some day...   

Want to know more? Check out my FAQ's. 


Q] What does this blog have to do with birds or singing?
    A] Nothing.  What's in a name?

Q] What do you blog about on here?
    A] My photography, running, double chins, faith, and life in                  

Q] Why do you stretch out your words so often? They look         
      A] Because I secretly want you to start talking like I write.          
            Yoooour welcome!

Q] Are you a real photographer?
    A] Yes and no. I take real photos for real clients, but I do also        
        have a full time/day job. Visit my site if you are interested in   
        booking me!

Q] How did you and your husband meet?
    A] Long story-- I should blog that one soon!

Q] Is this blog just a ploy to get me to fall in love with you?
    A] Maaaaaybe. Is it working?

Overall, I write a blog to keep myself sane.  I photograph to keep faith in the beauty of life.  I call my sisters daily.  I run to stay only mildly fat. I praise God daily for his grace.  My husband is a goober, and the love of my life. 

Stay tuned for more...

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  1. Hi Robin! I just found your blog and just love it! I am on day 1 of the Standard Process Cleanse and your posts made me hope that it goes as well for me as it did for you!