Weekly Weigh-In #1

Easter 2010

Easter 2011

Week one of Robin's Gonna Get Super Saucy and Small Again (it's a working title... youwannafightaboutit?) went well. 

I worked out with my sister a bunch using Chalene Extreme.  Ever heard of it? TOUGH.  I mean, I had to pause it, lest I vomit, tough.

I also went to a free class at the local Lululemon showroom.  The class was called Core Barre. Holy ballerina, Batman.  It was super hard.  Imagine doing 500 squats on your toes.  Then add pilates to it. Yeah.  I'm surprised you didn't smell my thighs burning from where you are.  

So the numbers... that's what it all boils down to, huh?

I lost 2.1 pounds.   Huzzah!

That was even with a few food slip ups, because ummmm I'm not going to lie to you guys, I had pizza this week. 

My mantra for this week is EASTER DRESS.  My family has the best Easter traditions (check out the photos above), and with the additions of my awesome nephews, Easter keeps getting better and better each year.  

One unspoken Easter tradition is taking a ton of pictures and until this year I kept getting fatter and fatter each year.  No more, my loves. No more. 

Even if I don't make my 6 pound weight loss goal by Easter (I'll post my giggle-rific goals in another post), I will still be super excited to be on my way.  And to eat Easter brunch. I'm not dead after all.


When the hubby is away...

I like changes.  Do you?

Drum roll please...

Natural hair color.

Not so natural hair color.  It's a little darker than I thought it would be.

Naturally, I have a blog so I must take a terrible pursed lip photo, right?

It's super dark, but its soft and different. Which makes me happy. 

Husband said "nice" when he saw it. Which in normal dude translates to back flips and pant poopage.  At least that's what imagine it to mean.

Work wife had a similar night. Check her out here! She has a great blog, and she has been instrumental in my survival at the new job. Thanks, Megawitz!

I'll actually do something with the new do tomorrow and post more pictures tomorrow. Weekly weighs in to start tomorrow, too.  

Get. Pumped.


Did She Just Say That?

This week's how to is...

How to make inappropriate jokes at Bible study!

First, you must wait until the room is silent, and start out your inappropriate joke looking at the floor.

Second, raise your eyes, only to make eye contact with the people you are not sure will like your joke.

Third, laugh at your joke even though everyone else is stunned and shuttering due to the sexual nature of the joke.

Fourth, call your husband afterward and get excited for the high-five he promised you for said joke.

Put together those four steps and you have the perfect setting for an inappropriate joke at Bible study!

For a real life example:

Bible Study Leader: I want to make sure that we end this marriage series by concentrating not on other relationships, such as boss and worker, or parents and children, but really concentrate on the relationship of husband and wife.


Bible Study Leader: I just want to hit that all night.

Robin: Isn't that what marriage is all about?

Oooooh snap.  

This is where I should put my formal apology to my Bible study group, right?

Have any stories of inappropriate jokes? Your joke, or perhaps you've been a victim of my jokes and you want to share?

Leave a comment below!

Also, I want to thank you for your support about my last post. Thank you especially for those who commented, and did not call me a heifer.  It's commendable.  I am excited to do weekly weigh-ins here on the blog, and hopefully have the same support then. :)



This post makes me very anxious. You've been warned.

I've gained some a lot of weight.  My clothes are not fitting as well as they used to.  My shoulders have second shoulders from the arm fat displacement.  I can feel my double chin choking me when I am laying down.

Ok that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.  Or do you? 

Allow me to illustrate.

Here is me when I was smaller (not small... just smaller):

Here is me now:

No really, now:

Ok seriously, this is me now:


Yeah yeah yeah, its marriage weight. I got married and got comfortable.   Well, now I'm uncomfortable.

And if shaming myself online is the ticket to being at a healthy weight again, well then...

So here I am, shaming myself.  I will not tell you what I weigh (pssssh!), I will only tell you how many rolls separate me from a healthy weight.  21.

I promise you I am not writing this so that people will tell me I'm not fat, or that I'm nice, or that I have super nail beds (it's true).  I am doing this to snap my butt into some sort of shape through total and utter embarrassment. 

And trust me, I'm embarrassed right now.

So gang (I know you're out there), should I post my loss/gain from each week?  Should I show you what I am eating?  Or should I just give into the sweet, slow slumber of obesity?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Come on... you've never left a comment before, and all the cool kids are doing it.  

Plus, this is some serious soul bearing stuff here, and I could use some support.  Get to it! 


Raise your hand if you love Papa

Or both if you really love Papa.

Randy is technically my step-father but he's 100% my Papa.  

Papa has been his name ever since his first grandson.  Papa is so much more than a name, though.  Papa is a reflection of who he is to all of us.  

He is an amazing father who (somehow) raised 5 girls and lived to tell the story.

He is a committed husband.

He is an amazing grandfather.  He's the apple of all the grandson's eyes, and all us girls are pretty crazy about him too.


Joshua's 3rd Birthday

Look at this cutie!

Ohhhh man.  Joshua (aka Jawah, aka Nephew #1) celebrated his 3rd birthday last weekend.  

At three, Joshua is kind, energetic, and a bit of a parrot.  He is already showing just how smart he is. I can't wait to see what kind of awesome boy/man he is going to grow up to be.

Here are a few pictures from the party this past weekend:

Can you tell there was a pirate theme?  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law did an amazing job making his birthday cake, don't you think?

Every gift he opened he would say Thank you, ______! And then hand the gift to another person and say I got this for you! Little goober.

My favorite conversation with Joshua:
Me: Land Lover!
Joshua: Scurvy Dog!

Joshua's little brother, Caleb (aka Meat, aka nephew #4) and mother-in-law.  Caleb didn't really get the whole birthday thing. Not yet. :)

Such a cute family. Too bad the photo is focused on the door knob and not the faces.  Who TOOK this picture?

...shut it down.

I know, I know... there should be more photos, but I was too busy jumping and dancing around with the oh-so-sugar-high birthday boy.  

I may not be the best aunt/photographer, but I am certainly the craziest.  And until he is 6, I'm banking on craziest aunt= the coolest aunt.

And in Joshua and Caleb's case... their only aunt. 

I'm telling you, being an aunt makes me second guess being a mother. I'm not sure it gets better than this!

Happy Birthday, Jawah. I love you!


Mixed Emotions

I love you, sock bun

I hate you, laundry pile.

Pardon my mess, pardon my scowl, pardon my lazy hair shots.

Happy Wednesday!


Be Cool, Elias

This is nephew #3, Elias.  You've heard of him, haven't you?  He came over to my house the last week.  

And he puked. Every where.  Twice.

After voming everywhere, I went to comfort him and he lit my shirt up with a fresh round vomit.  I scooped him up and walked him over to the sink to scrape the chunks off our shirts.

At one point, Jeff started screaming "he's eating it!".  I had to remind him that Elias was not, in fact, a dog.  

I caught a whiff of the chowder on my shoulder, and it rendered me useless in the clean up efforts.  Lauren and Alison were on their hands and knees cleaning up the mess while I threatened to add to the pile.

The whole time Elias was just saying "sorry, sorry" over and over again.  It was the sweetest/saddest thing I have seen. 

For your listening pleasure...