Did She Just Say That?

This week's how to is...

How to make inappropriate jokes at Bible study!

First, you must wait until the room is silent, and start out your inappropriate joke looking at the floor.

Second, raise your eyes, only to make eye contact with the people you are not sure will like your joke.

Third, laugh at your joke even though everyone else is stunned and shuttering due to the sexual nature of the joke.

Fourth, call your husband afterward and get excited for the high-five he promised you for said joke.

Put together those four steps and you have the perfect setting for an inappropriate joke at Bible study!

For a real life example:

Bible Study Leader: I want to make sure that we end this marriage series by concentrating not on other relationships, such as boss and worker, or parents and children, but really concentrate on the relationship of husband and wife.


Bible Study Leader: I just want to hit that all night.

Robin: Isn't that what marriage is all about?

Oooooh snap.  

This is where I should put my formal apology to my Bible study group, right?

Have any stories of inappropriate jokes? Your joke, or perhaps you've been a victim of my jokes and you want to share?

Leave a comment below!

Also, I want to thank you for your support about my last post. Thank you especially for those who commented, and did not call me a heifer.  It's commendable.  I am excited to do weekly weigh-ins here on the blog, and hopefully have the same support then. :)


  1. Your silent but deadly jokes are exactly the reason why I strategically sit next to you at Bible study. I'm pretty sure you've dropped, "That's what she said" a couple of time recently too. If this post doesn't want to make people join our group, I don't know what will.

  2. Hahaha this is hilarious! I miss you and your inappropriate jokes! I like to make them at work and then say "hostile work environment" afterwards (as per our mandatory sexual harassment module).

  3. Oh Beanie, you make me proud!

  4. If I were in your Bible Study, I totally would have laughed