Be Cool, Elias

This is nephew #3, Elias.  You've heard of him, haven't you?  He came over to my house the last week.  

And he puked. Every where.  Twice.

After voming everywhere, I went to comfort him and he lit my shirt up with a fresh round vomit.  I scooped him up and walked him over to the sink to scrape the chunks off our shirts.

At one point, Jeff started screaming "he's eating it!".  I had to remind him that Elias was not, in fact, a dog.  

I caught a whiff of the chowder on my shoulder, and it rendered me useless in the clean up efforts.  Lauren and Alison were on their hands and knees cleaning up the mess while I threatened to add to the pile.

The whole time Elias was just saying "sorry, sorry" over and over again.  It was the sweetest/saddest thing I have seen. 

For your listening pleasure...