When the hubby is away...

I like changes.  Do you?

Drum roll please...

Natural hair color.

Not so natural hair color.  It's a little darker than I thought it would be.

Naturally, I have a blog so I must take a terrible pursed lip photo, right?

It's super dark, but its soft and different. Which makes me happy. 

Husband said "nice" when he saw it. Which in normal dude translates to back flips and pant poopage.  At least that's what imagine it to mean.

Work wife had a similar night. Check her out here! She has a great blog, and she has been instrumental in my survival at the new job. Thanks, Megawitz!

I'll actually do something with the new do tomorrow and post more pictures tomorrow. Weekly weighs in to start tomorrow, too.  

Get. Pumped.