Problems with Pilates

This whole blog started because I chose to become a runner.  We all had a nice giggle at my chub rub and runners poos.

Not that I have moved on, but I want to introduce you to my new love.


Don't get it twisted. This is not a pansy work out.  Yes, you might do pilates and ACTUALLY be sore.
My problem is not that I am not getting a great workout or that I don't burn enough calories, but it is that my gut is too big.  I wish I were kidding.

Pause the above video at second 48.  Now imagine this woman as one hundred pounds heavier. This is what SHOULD be going through your head:

1) That would be disgusting to watch
2) Those pounds would make that exercise very hard to do properly
3) My... a second chin might cut off breathing in that position
4) Do they make plus size spandex?

Like any relationship, there are some doubts, but all in all I'm glad you've met my new love.  I think we are going to get through this.


So it begins

The craziest 2 months of the year.

Today- Bachelorette party for my best friend. I hope I survive this to actually show up for the rest of this list.

26th- Wedding in Hampton. I'm the photographer and my husband is the best man.  CUTE

March 5th- My nephew turns 2 earlier in the week, and on the 5th, we party.

6th- Throwing one of my friend's (more like a sister) baby shower!

12th- Throwing my best friend's wedding shower!

18-20th- Pilates instructor training. SO excited about this... more on it later!

26th- 10 miler.  I will most likely be volunteering this year to get a better feel for the upcoming race I am help put on.

April 2nd- 10k.  Running this one.

April 9th- My best friend's wedding!!

...Then 3 weeks of prep before THE RACE!!!!

I will have another blog post to explain THE RACE later- but for now, take a look at the website and pray I make it through all of this.

It is all very very happy celebrations, but happy celebrations can turn quickly when you are tired.  :)

...May 8th- I love you and I cannot wait to see you.


Day after the Super bowl


I looked down at my wedding ring the other morning and realized that I had guacamole wedged under my diamond.

Yep- I now lovingly call it my guac rock.