Heather and Matt Maternity

Heather and Matt are two of the sweetest and most geniuine people you could ever wish to meet.  Jeff and I had the pleasure of having them in our small group a few semesters, but taking their maternity pictures?  No offense to small group... but THAT was the most fun.

Heather and Matt are expecting a baby girl any day now.  Baby Girl is going to be so lucky to have two such down-to-earth and caring people as her parents.  Plus, she is bound to be gorgeous, because, ummm HAVE YOU SEEN THESE TWO?

Lovely on the inside and out I tell yah.

Thank you, Heather and Matt, for being so much fun, for dealing with 'the naked assistant' and for walking so much.  I can't wait to meet the lucky gorgeous girl when she arrives!

See what I mean? Stunning.

Look! It's Jeff the naked assistant!

To see the whole shoot- click riiiiiight here!  HINT-- It's also a link to the upcoming new website! GASP!


30 Day Bikram Challenge - Class #12, #13, #14 & #15

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Class #12--
  • This was my first double!  Jeff had band practice, so I felt ok with doing 3+ hours of bikram related activities.
  • I sat right in front because all of the other spots were taken. I immediately felt the need to be perfect.
  • I saw the back wall during the pose above.  Even the teacher gave me a shout out!
  • First class went quickly because I knew I had a whole 'nuther class to do. 
Class #13-
  • Class #2 of my first double
  • I packed almonds in my bag to scarf a few between classes, but I was too afraid to eat more than 4 out of fear of what might happen to my stomach if I ate more.  I also gulped a small coconut water out of necessity. 
  • My knees were a little less secure in the second class, but I was expecting that. 
  • Other than sitting out/modifying due to knee pain, there was nothing else that I had to sit out.
  • Can I do four more doubles??
Class #14-
  • My second double!  This time I didn't sit out of anything. My knees are going to hate me. 
  • I had a bit of a melt down before class because I realized I was going to have to flake on plans I had made in order to knock out another double. Bikram is beginning to take over my life, and I am in pain while I do it.  I'm struggling to see the point and find my original motivation.
  • Again... my toenail polish is a disaster.  
  • The woman who was doing her 100th class told me that that hardest classes of any challenge are the first 15 classes. I am holding onto that. 
Class #15
  • There are some teachers I really jive with, but there are ones that I just find so jarring.  That was the teacher in class 15.  Buuuuh.
  • I got two call outs in class. I'm begninning to think there was another Robin in the class or the instructor did not know any one else's name.
  • I love when new people come to class. I feel far less inferior.  
  • At the end of class, the instructor exists the class and says 'namaste'.  Loosely translated, Namaste means the light/spirit/god in me, bows to the light/spirit/god in you. If I'm honest, sometimes my light is not in the mood to bow to anyones light. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but sometimes I can't help myself. So far I have subbed God bless, toodles, yippee, and gargoyle. Don't know where that last one came from. Toodles.


30 Day Bikram Challenge -- Class #9, #10, & #11

Class #9-
  • I am officially up on the 30 day challenge board!  It's officially official!  (official)
  • I am so sore from working out with my sister after work.  UGH.
  • There are three more days that I will have to double up on (do two classes in one day) and a ton of overtime to do as well.  July may not have been the best month to do this.
  • At the beginning of class I saw someone through the class windows that I knew.  Completely forgetting where I was, I waved!  It was not just a small polite wave, either.  A full body flail. In that single movement, I lost all concentration and probably the respect of my fellow classmates.  I blame the heat.

Class #10-
  • Uh oh. I heard something in my knee pop.
  • For the first time, I didn't know anyone in class. It was refreshing. And less distracting.
  • I practically had to beg the waitress at lunch to bring me more and more and more and more and more water. I finally explained (like the classic over-sharer that I am) what I was doing. She said her yoga mentor (her whaaaat?) told her bikram was not good for her, because it  extends your ligaments past their normal level and can hurt you.
  • Read bullet point #1 again. Craaaap.
  • My sister told me my skin looked nice.  Could it be the lack of toxins?  Because how can their be toxins any more? They have to be 100% gone at this point, right?  Better be.

Class #11-

  • I had to sit in the very front row. I immediately felt the need to be perfect. 
  • When we were on our stomachs for the first part of the seated poses, I realized the lady next to me had on a pinky ring. All I could think was how many times I would need to roll to get close enough to kiss the ring.  Why else would you wear a pinky ring? I'm not being weird here.
  • I had to sit out a few postures because of my knees. Boo.  I kind of like being the fatty who can do everything well.  I don't like being the fatty who can't do things. I wanted to wear a sign. I'm hurt, not lazy!
  • I went to my chiropractor and got lots of work done on my knees. I am so thankful for him!
  • I don't know if I should keep going.  Bikram is seriously obsessed with locked knees, and that action seems to exacerbate the problem.  Every class the teacher squawks  "lock your knees, lock you knees, last time, LOCK YOUR KNEES".  Every instructor I've spoken to says the pain is normal, but I just wonder if my pain is worse because of my... ummm... extra gravitational pull?  
  • I don't know what to do. 


30 Day Bikram Challenge - Class #6, #7 and #8

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Class #6-
  • I almost didn't make it to class on time. I had to sneak in at the very last minute, and had to sit behind someone, which means I couldn't see myself at all. That's not a good thing during the balance series!
  • I'm starting to feel guilty for leaving my husband so much. Between overtime and bikram, I hardly see the man.  I wonder what he's eating for dinner these days...
  • I was able to do every single pose!  This was HUGE!  I think it might have something to do with the fact that this was my third class back to back and my body was, dare I say, used to it?
  • I don't know that I can do this. Jeff keeps saying I can, but I think he just really likes to use the phrase 'sweat box'.  
  • Walking out of class, I passed a group of youths.  They snickered as I walked by.  Then I got a look at myself in a window.  YIKES.  I looked like an overweight sweat drenched homeless gremlin.  I was too excited about doing every pose that I didn't l let it phase me... too much.
  • After class I didn't get a coconut water. Bad idea- I had a big headache afterward.

Class #7-
  • New people don't sweat as much.  I'm a little jealous and at the same time a little worried about what is going on inside their bodies.  Today I sweat (sweated, swatted... sweateded...??) so much that fingers were pruney.  Now I'm worried about what is going on inside my body.
  • I had NO balance today!
  • My thoughts took a completely schizophrenic pattern. Love, hate, angry, proud, etc.
  • My forearms are going to get beefy! 
  • Someone FINALLY farted in 'wind releasing pose'. It works as advertised! I can now fully endorse this pose.
  • Kind of wish I had not told as many people about doing this.  But being held accountable is good, right?  
Class #8
  • 6:15am class.  I am officially certifiable.  
  • There were not many people there. Why am I surprised?
  • Didn't sit out of a single pose again.  Major win for so early in the morning.
  • Breathing exercise (first thing in class) was hard today because each time I looked up my tired eyes would want to slam shut and my contacts would revolt.
  • During the seated poses, I realized my toenails are a mess. I should really do something about it before I have to stare at them for at least 45 minutes during the next 22 days.
  • Trying to get ready for work was an effing mess. I laid on the ground for 15 minutes complaining to my husband about something or other. Needless to say (and yet I'm saying it?), I was late for work.
  • After work I worked out with my sister.  Two a days! What whaaaat!