Heather and Matt Maternity

Heather and Matt are two of the sweetest and most geniuine people you could ever wish to meet.  Jeff and I had the pleasure of having them in our small group a few semesters, but taking their maternity pictures?  No offense to small group... but THAT was the most fun.

Heather and Matt are expecting a baby girl any day now.  Baby Girl is going to be so lucky to have two such down-to-earth and caring people as her parents.  Plus, she is bound to be gorgeous, because, ummm HAVE YOU SEEN THESE TWO?

Lovely on the inside and out I tell yah.

Thank you, Heather and Matt, for being so much fun, for dealing with 'the naked assistant' and for walking so much.  I can't wait to meet the lucky gorgeous girl when she arrives!

See what I mean? Stunning.

Look! It's Jeff the naked assistant!

To see the whole shoot- click riiiiiight here!  HINT-- It's also a link to the upcoming new website! GASP!

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  1. Golly I miss these folks. Lovely job Robin! Is Heather the definition of "all belly" or what!? She looks so fantastic....SO excited for them! AND, LOVE the new website!