Baby Lincoln

In all honesty, Lincoln's birth story is not mine to tell.  I was not the one who was in labor for 30 hours.  But I was honored to be there, and even though I was slightly terrified, I would do it all over again.

My sister was a champion (did I mention 30 hours of natural labor?), and my brother-in-law was nothing short of amazing for my sister. 

Let it be known, I'm so in love with this new boy, and have enjoyed watching how his big brother interacts with him. 

Here is the birth story of my sister's second son in photos, plus of few of her first born.  Couldn't help myself. 


Getting Ready for Baby Lincoln

Nephew #6 is days away from making his appearance.  I am excited to report that I have a special duty with this babay.

Not exactly like the duty assigned for the last nephew, but I do get to be at the birthing center with my sister when she goes into labor. I cannot tell you how excited that makes me.

When I tell people I will be in the delivery room with my sister, I get a mixture of responses. Some people think it's awesome.  Others are shocked I would want to do something like that.

Of the folks who think its odd, it's often due to a misconception of what labor looks like.

Most people think labor is 20 hours of some poor woman laying on her back showing the world her goods and screaming like a maniac.  That is not exactly how natural birth plays out.  For one, there is not much time spent laboring on the back. Gravity works, folks. Gravity.

Either way, I am excited for the little guy to show up. I have charged my camera, cleaned my memory cards, and put together a packing list.  All that needs to happen is for my sister to just have the little bugger!

I can't wait to show off the photos I get. Don't worry, they won't [all] be graphic. :)


Its 5 o'clock in the morning

Got caught shuffling by the event photographers at the Richmond Half in 2010.

I have only ever trained on a treadmills for my races.  Yes- I am embarrassed by this fact.

Fear not, I am training exclusively outdoors for my next race.  More specifically, I am training in the early morning before the sun is up.  While I can see my breath, and I am half asleep.  

It has been a real adventure, complete with tripping over fallen tree limbs I cannot see, getting hit by rouge sprinklers, and being joined only by the three kindred spirits I train with, and UVa ROTC.

Team Pursuit (as we like to call ourselves- be jealous) is out every morning. Sometimes we are dressed weather appropriate, sometimes we arn't. Sometimes we hold conversations, sometimes we don't.  Sometimes we are late for work, well no, we're always late for work.

FACT-  it should all be worth in 50 days and 10 hours when we start the Richmond Half Marathon!   

50 days and 10 hours of nerves that somehow always make me contemplate losing my latest meal from one of two exit points.

50 days and 10 hours of hopeing that this might be my best half yet. Come onnnnnn PR!

50 days and 10 hours of possible chaffing.

50 days and 10 hours of thinking about very little other than not getting caught shuffling on camera (as seen above) during those 13.1 miles.

50 days and 10 hours of blogging.  Get psyched up!


Wanna Try?

So... I've been thinking.  You should probably try the cleanse.  In fact, I know you should.  Don't you want to?

Even if you are just thinking about it, I have great news for you!  You now have a chance to hear ALL about it!  Dr. Durrer (the Dr. Kildare-esque man I did the cleanse through) will be talking all about the cleanse and answering any questions you have about it. 

I am personally inviting YOU to come out and learn more.  

But wait! There's more? If you come to the meeting and order the kit that night, you will get a 25% discount towards the purchase of the cleanse kit. 


Yeah. 25% off.

NO, I will not shut up. 

All you have to do to sign up is to call (434) 872-9940 or email me at robincbc@gmail.com and I will call to sign you up.

So, here are the details. 
When: Tuesday, 9/18 at 7:00pm
Where: Atlas Chiropractic.  424 Greenbriar Place, C'ville, 22901
Who: Dr. Evan Durrer. Super qualified-- he's done this cleanse twice already!
Why:  Do you even have to ask?  Because you're body is not functioning the best it could be.  Period. 

You have no idea how transformative this was for me and my husband.  Even though he hates words like transformative, its one hundo percent true.

So--don't hesitate.  Call Dr. Durrer, or email me.  



See you tomorrow!

PS Dr. Durrer, AKA, Evan, is on the news tonight at 5:45p talking about his chiropractic mission trip to Ghana. Check it out! CBS 19, Charlottesville. 


Standard Process Finale. 21 Days Later and I'm Still Alive

Well folks, we made it!  We finished the cleanse! 

For our first meal, we made pizza with gluten free crust, and natural cheese and pepperoni.  I am happy to report that we were underwhelmed.  

Underwhelmed has been the theme this week.  Most of the foods that I was craving ended up not tasting as magical as I thought they would.

Foods I have NOT been underwhelmed by [aka will love forever]:
1) Christian's Pizza
2) Sweet Frogs
3) Greencroft dinner rolls
4) Beer Run's focaccia bread

After having a week of eating mostly what I wanted, Jeff and I are going back on a slightly less strict form of the cleanse. We love the way we feel when we eat clean, and we love the way we look when we lose weight.

Yeah I said it.

As inspired by my friend, Joanna, here are a few faces from the cleanse.

The night before

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day seven. Excited about something?

Day eight, and I finally have a clean guest bedroom

Day nine

Day ten. Bring on the chicken

Day eleven?

Day thirteen, post workout

Day fourteen

Day fifteen

Day sixteen. You don't want to know how long
 it took to write that backwards

Double douces.  I'm out.


Standard Process Cleanse Day 19

Well, the cleanse is almost over. I can hardly believe it.  The first 10 days went sooooooo slow.  But these last few days have really flown by.  

Flown by while others around me have eaten hamburgers, french fries, cheesecake, biscuits and gravy, etc.  Honestly, none of them phased me.  Yes, I did think; that looks good or screw you. but I never once wanted to eat what someone else had. 

I have not reach a zen like state like I thought that I would, where I walked around calm, and serene, doling out bits of knowledge like Confucius. I have, however, realized some things. 

A few days ago I got into a, ahem, discussion with my husband. What? We're human.

Any way, while I was angry I thought about breaking the cleanse.  This scared me because I can so clearly see where my bad eating habits are coming from. When I don't have the guardrail of the cleanse, I don't realize I am having a bacon binge because I am upset.  I think I'm having a bacon binge because it tastes good with my beer.

Ugh. This just means I have something that I am going to fight for the rest of my life. It's a good thing I have my husband with me.  He's seriously a ROCK.  He's so solid, I love it. I love him. 

Gushy gushy, I know. I'll stop.  

But I can't! You should see him. Can I brag for a second?  Oh wait... this I my blog.  He's lost 16 pounds.  16 pounds!!!    

Here's how I am doing. I'm off to watch college football.  Oh happy day!

Weight loss: 13 pounds for me, 16 for husband
Any Cheating: I had some sweet potato chips.  They are all natural, organic and had no salt added.  Still felt like cheating.
Mood: Good!
Favorite food: Pineapple, avocado and brussel sprouts
Physical symptoms: 6 mile long run was a bit tough today. I was kind of wishing I had some carbs, or a gel to help out, but I stashed a quarter of a peach at my 4 mile turn around.  I like to think it helped. 
Emotional symptoms: Excitement.  For football food (again- VERY little), and for more weight loss.