Getting Ready for Baby Lincoln

Nephew #6 is days away from making his appearance.  I am excited to report that I have a special duty with this babay.

Not exactly like the duty assigned for the last nephew, but I do get to be at the birthing center with my sister when she goes into labor. I cannot tell you how excited that makes me.

When I tell people I will be in the delivery room with my sister, I get a mixture of responses. Some people think it's awesome.  Others are shocked I would want to do something like that.

Of the folks who think its odd, it's often due to a misconception of what labor looks like.

Most people think labor is 20 hours of some poor woman laying on her back showing the world her goods and screaming like a maniac.  That is not exactly how natural birth plays out.  For one, there is not much time spent laboring on the back. Gravity works, folks. Gravity.

Either way, I am excited for the little guy to show up. I have charged my camera, cleaned my memory cards, and put together a packing list.  All that needs to happen is for my sister to just have the little bugger!

I can't wait to show off the photos I get. Don't worry, they won't [all] be graphic. :)