Its 5 o'clock in the morning

Got caught shuffling by the event photographers at the Richmond Half in 2010.

I have only ever trained on a treadmills for my races.  Yes- I am embarrassed by this fact.

Fear not, I am training exclusively outdoors for my next race.  More specifically, I am training in the early morning before the sun is up.  While I can see my breath, and I am half asleep.  

It has been a real adventure, complete with tripping over fallen tree limbs I cannot see, getting hit by rouge sprinklers, and being joined only by the three kindred spirits I train with, and UVa ROTC.

Team Pursuit (as we like to call ourselves- be jealous) is out every morning. Sometimes we are dressed weather appropriate, sometimes we arn't. Sometimes we hold conversations, sometimes we don't.  Sometimes we are late for work, well no, we're always late for work.

FACT-  it should all be worth in 50 days and 10 hours when we start the Richmond Half Marathon!   

50 days and 10 hours of nerves that somehow always make me contemplate losing my latest meal from one of two exit points.

50 days and 10 hours of hopeing that this might be my best half yet. Come onnnnnn PR!

50 days and 10 hours of possible chaffing.

50 days and 10 hours of thinking about very little other than not getting caught shuffling on camera (as seen above) during those 13.1 miles.

50 days and 10 hours of blogging.  Get psyched up!

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