I WILL figure you out.

I nailed the sock bun tutorial on the first try.

I've got the finger waves down pat.

Why, oh WHY can't I figure this 'band braid' out?

My arms are sore, my hair is getting greasy and my temper is kicking in. Not to mention, I have so many more things I need to be doing.  But yet, I cannot stop trying. 

This tutorial is by Emily Frame from Ruffling Feathers. One of the blogs I check daily. :)  I recommend it, if you too, are a blog stalker. 

If you get the bang braid figured out, please let me know.  And send pictures.  And come over and help me. 


Strange Day

When you wake up and you know its going to be straaaaaange day you should make a list of what happens, and it should go something like this:

- Dropped my breakfast sandwich. Ate it any way.
- Lost 0.4 pounds in my weigh-in. Not cool, body.  
- Got a wrap for lunch. New lady left both sides of the wrap open.  Huh?
- Obsessed over my excel spread sheets. Oh wait... that's not strange. Very normal, in fact.
- Went through work's fully automatic revolving doors and had the sudden urge to just sit and nap while it tried to nudge my exhausted body out of the way.
- Gave my work out pants to a complete stranger who had forgotten hers at the pilates studio.  I should mention I had just finished with a boat load of lunges. Gross.

Though the day was not bad, per say, it was riddled with giggle fits over nothing, and complete lack of focus. 

Ever have one of those days?


Peanut Butter Jelly Pictures

I am so sorry, my dear blog (and blogies, out there). I have been a little busier than normal between secret photo shoots (I'll share as soon as I can!) and helping plan the up coming race (why haven't you signed up yet?), I have not had time to write.

But that ends now, with a few pictures of my work wife's son! I like to call him PBJ, or sweet baby P. 

PBJ is 18 month old, loves to dance, laugh, and can throw out a few James Dean glares like it's his tiny baby human job.  Quite charming for one so young.

I have a feeling there are going to be many more play dates with this little one in my future.

Wait... is it awkward to have play dates when you, yourself don't have a child?  Can I bring snacks, and we will call it even?

K, thanks.


He is Risen!

Easter was ah-mah-zing. We had so much fun, first at church, then at Easter brunch.  Here are is a ton more photos than you wanted.  Enjoy.

Here is the whole family minus the Berlins, who were on a cruise for Easter.  We missed you!

It was all about hats this Easter. Isn't Whit handsome?

Easter eggs lasted about 2 seconds.  What, football isn't your Easter tradition?

Duncan.  Who now calls me Beanie. Be still, my heart.

Nonni and Papa with their grand babies. 

Didn't I tell you about the hats? 

The White family. Arn't they good looking?

Jeff was taking a chance on not getting thrown up on.

Preggers and Saucy (no) pants

Elias. Also calls me Beanie. Good heavens.

Collier family. Shut up with those matching vests, and those hottie parents.

Hubs and I.  It is impossible to imagine a better looking faux-hawk. 

Wubs and Whit.  Match made in heaven.

Sisters minus Katie. DONT EVER let me take pictures on this side again. Gee, thanks.


Personal Vacation

What a day!  At the last minute (well... not last minute according to anyone but my boss) my sister's schedule at work got messed up (plus her nanny was on spring break), so she needed some help. Enter Aunt Beanie.

If you've read ANY of my blog, you know there is nowhere I'd rather be, than with my nephews.

Of which there are soon to be 6!

Sister #2 is having another baby, set to arrive in October.  MAN I'm excited! Now if we could just find out if it will be a niece or a nephew.  I'm getting impatient. 

In order to distract myself from the waiting detailed above, I will share my adventures with nephews #2 and #5 (see his story here).

Today at the Collier house, we started out with a massive (leaking) poop.  The likes of which... I've seen before, but it still catches me off guard. Mothers- do you EVER get used to that?

The poop leaked out and got on my shirt. Duncan was inconsolable.  The sight of poop on my shirt was questioned tens of times. I finally had to grab the camera and video tape him.  

After the poop, we had a GREAT day.  They both napped like champions and were all smiles for the camera.  Sorry, these are straight out of camera. It's getting LATE.

They were dolls.  Can't you tell?

For an Easter project, Duncan and I made birds nests out of coconut macaroons and cadburry eggs. I highly recommend both of these things to you. I got the coconut macaroons off of this awesome blog, and the only sub we made was wheat flour to make the birds nest more brown. :)

Next I carefully added some marshmallow cream to act as glue to hold the heavy eggs.  

You're welcome for those totally unnecessary pictures.

Duncan had a blast putting the eggs in the birds nests, and then taking them back out, sucking the marshmallow cream off of the bottom, and devouring the egg.  As did I.

Welp, it's back to work tomorrow.  Some how insurance just does not sound as fun as baking projects with the little ones. :)

PS I lost 0.6 pounds last week. Not bad for week 2!  That's 2.7 since I started blogging and 5.8 since my whole journey began.  Cadburry eggs did not help this week's causes.  Oh well!

Until next time...


100th Post!

This, my dear ones, is my 100th post.


I have mentioned 'jiggle' 47 times.
I have talked about stroking my double chin 23 times.
I have tipsy posted 7 times.
Running and the runs have domineered most of my posts.

My mom says each post makes her worry, "It's my fault!".
My sister thinks she exists to make my posts even better. I would agree.

You have listened to chafing stories more than you should have had to.
You have been my inspiration for posting.  Even if you don't comment, or I don't know you, I want to say thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Here's to 100 more. :)