Peanut Butter Jelly Pictures

I am so sorry, my dear blog (and blogies, out there). I have been a little busier than normal between secret photo shoots (I'll share as soon as I can!) and helping plan the up coming race (why haven't you signed up yet?), I have not had time to write.

But that ends now, with a few pictures of my work wife's son! I like to call him PBJ, or sweet baby P. 

PBJ is 18 month old, loves to dance, laugh, and can throw out a few James Dean glares like it's his tiny baby human job.  Quite charming for one so young.

I have a feeling there are going to be many more play dates with this little one in my future.

Wait... is it awkward to have play dates when you, yourself don't have a child?  Can I bring snacks, and we will call it even?

K, thanks.

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  1. What a cute booger! I LOVE the shadows in the black and white one of him on the playset! :) Great composition!