He is Risen!

Easter was ah-mah-zing. We had so much fun, first at church, then at Easter brunch.  Here are is a ton more photos than you wanted.  Enjoy.

Here is the whole family minus the Berlins, who were on a cruise for Easter.  We missed you!

It was all about hats this Easter. Isn't Whit handsome?

Easter eggs lasted about 2 seconds.  What, football isn't your Easter tradition?

Duncan.  Who now calls me Beanie. Be still, my heart.

Nonni and Papa with their grand babies. 

Didn't I tell you about the hats? 

The White family. Arn't they good looking?

Jeff was taking a chance on not getting thrown up on.

Preggers and Saucy (no) pants

Elias. Also calls me Beanie. Good heavens.

Collier family. Shut up with those matching vests, and those hottie parents.

Hubs and I.  It is impossible to imagine a better looking faux-hawk. 

Wubs and Whit.  Match made in heaven.

Sisters minus Katie. DONT EVER let me take pictures on this side again. Gee, thanks.


  1. Beautiful, fabulous pictures - thanks so much for posting them, Robin!

    Aunt Lo

    1. Thank Lo! Its hard to get a bad picture of the boys these days. :) Thanks for sharing them with M&P!