Seriously Peanut...

I have realized that there are few things in this world that are as rewarding as being an aunt. Believe me, when people used to go on and on about their nieces and nephews I would listen to oblige them, and quickly change the subject to something a little less pathetic. Like Olympic curling.

Regardless of how much I used to seemingly loathe those who talked incessantly about their sisters/brothers (snot nosed) child, I HAVE BECOME ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!

I was so wrong to judge. Just... so... wrong. But let me explain! My nephew (the only one who has yet to show his face at least) is just about the most adorable child. And yes, I would have told my sister-in-law (hey KARE-BEAR!) if he was not cute. Or at least not fawned over the child the way I do. But this kid takes the cake. So I suppose I have an excuse when it comes to being "that girl". Look at this face...

But oh the JOYS of being an aunt! All the hugs and snugs and none of the sleepless nights! Sorry mothers out there, but you got the raw end of that deal.

Further more- Aunt-hood should have its own day. Why not? It's a full time job. Do you know how many times I have to take out my phone and show people pictures of my nephew and recount the latest and greatest story about this kid? Yeah... its exhausting. The hardest part though is not getting to be around him. Awwwww- I know. I'm a class-A pathetic Olympic curler. Broom and all.

Well for now, I await my second nephew. This time it is my oldest sister, and O to the M- I am about to rip the kid out. I want to meet the little guy so bad! My sister just keeps telling me that would be strange.

More updates on "Peanut" as he arrives!

Lemon out.