Standard Process Finale. 21 Days Later and I'm Still Alive

Well folks, we made it!  We finished the cleanse! 

For our first meal, we made pizza with gluten free crust, and natural cheese and pepperoni.  I am happy to report that we were underwhelmed.  

Underwhelmed has been the theme this week.  Most of the foods that I was craving ended up not tasting as magical as I thought they would.

Foods I have NOT been underwhelmed by [aka will love forever]:
1) Christian's Pizza
2) Sweet Frogs
3) Greencroft dinner rolls
4) Beer Run's focaccia bread

After having a week of eating mostly what I wanted, Jeff and I are going back on a slightly less strict form of the cleanse. We love the way we feel when we eat clean, and we love the way we look when we lose weight.

Yeah I said it.

As inspired by my friend, Joanna, here are a few faces from the cleanse.

The night before

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day seven. Excited about something?

Day eight, and I finally have a clean guest bedroom

Day nine

Day ten. Bring on the chicken

Day eleven?

Day thirteen, post workout

Day fourteen

Day fifteen

Day sixteen. You don't want to know how long
 it took to write that backwards

Double douces.  I'm out.


  1. BAHAHAHA!!! Awesome! I love Day 1 face..that's one of my favorites. But I particularly love day 14...followed by you looking completely beautiful on day 15...yikes!!! Seriously, you look incredible...I can definitely see the weight loss in your face and your skin is glowing.

    ....now if I could only see that lovely face in person!

  2. btw....your title '21 days late' totally made me think you were pregnant