So it begins

The craziest 2 months of the year.

Today- Bachelorette party for my best friend. I hope I survive this to actually show up for the rest of this list.

26th- Wedding in Hampton. I'm the photographer and my husband is the best man.  CUTE

March 5th- My nephew turns 2 earlier in the week, and on the 5th, we party.

6th- Throwing one of my friend's (more like a sister) baby shower!

12th- Throwing my best friend's wedding shower!

18-20th- Pilates instructor training. SO excited about this... more on it later!

26th- 10 miler.  I will most likely be volunteering this year to get a better feel for the upcoming race I am help put on.

April 2nd- 10k.  Running this one.

April 9th- My best friend's wedding!!

...Then 3 weeks of prep before THE RACE!!!!

I will have another blog post to explain THE RACE later- but for now, take a look at the website and pray I make it through all of this.

It is all very very happy celebrations, but happy celebrations can turn quickly when you are tired.  :)

...May 8th- I love you and I cannot wait to see you.

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