The Weekend with the In-Laws

Here is a short list of things we did during my weekend with the in-laws.

- We bought sausage at the farmers market. And here I was thinking the farmers market only sold vegetables and hemp hats.
- We went to three wine tastings, and saw some gorgeous views.
- We ate at Michie Tavern.  Can you say yum?
- I had a very hard time not saying "so's your mom" to most of Jeff's comments to me.  Now that the mother-in-law is gone, that sassy retort has returned.
- We tried 'juicing' together.  The family that juices together, stays together, you know.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

My review system was very sophisticated.

Mmmm... above and below!



This wine was silly good.

I was really just trying to get a shot of the background, but I could snot resist the posing husband.

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