Happy New Year!

I hate New Years Eve for the most part, but this one was fun. The husband and I hung out with our friends and had a low key night.

Except the midnight jumping picture above.
 Aaaand Jeff's (blurry) man crush

 Oh, and trying out the timer on my camera.   What can I say, I'm never not behind the camera, so this self timer stuff was new to me.

 All in all, this New Years Eve was fun.  Woot.  Go 2012!

Speaking of 2012, Jeff and I made a not so resolution, resolution.  We have decided to become practical minimalists.  We have started to purge our house of the items that we don't need, and that clutter our lives (and subsequently our minds).  Much more on that later. :)

We now have only 8 of the following:
-Coffee cups
-Water glasses
-Wine glasses

2 of the following:
-Frying Pans

We have rid ourselves of all the stuff we don't need any more.  WHY would I need 4 cheese knives?  I mean, I like cheese and all...

Any way, having a 'minimalist' kitchen feels so good.  Cleaning up after dinner this evening took about 4 minutes. BLESSING.

Below are shots of the items we are getting rid of from our kitchen.

Here are the "after" pictures, if you will.

I'm in love with our minimalist changes, minus the throwing away of my tee-shirts. So... many... tee-shirts.  Pretty, pretty tee-shirts, that just wanted my love.

Happy 2012, all. How was your new years? What are your resolutions?

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  1. You wouldn’t believe Darryl’s resolutions for 2012 if you’d heard them from anyone but me. Actually, I wouldn’t even call them “resolutions.” They’re more like ideas for stupid inventions that he’s “finally going to get around to working on.” Yeah right, hon. If you’re going to invent anything, you’re going to need to get off the couch first for a reason beside going to Sam’s Club for more mayonnaise.

    1. The Apron Shirt. Darryl won’t listen to me when I tell him that no one wants to mess up their hair to put on an apron. Or dirty your skirt (and the entire kitchen floor, for that matter) removing it after all the onions and pigs feet have been prepped, but he insists it’s “perfect for real cooks.” Like he even knows how to cook anything.
    2. Dog-ter Pepper. Just because you love it so much doesn’t mean Giggles needs to have her own kind too. She always burps every time you let her have some and who wants to come home to a burping dog? Plus, it’s a dumb name, Dog-ter Pepper.
    3. Velcro Hunting Boots. It might save you a few minutes in the morning before you head out, but you know you’re going to get bored in your stand and start playing with them and that’s going to scare away all the bucks! Then we won’t have enough jerky for my step-dad and that’s the only thing he likes about coming over. Let it go, Darryl. It’ll never happen.

    You see what I have to deal with? If cared as much about me as he does about these ridiculous ideas of his, I might see some flowers around the house or get the foot rub I’ve been asking for all these years.