The Eyes Have It

For the past six months I had been experiencing "floaters". Don't be grossed out. They are small black dots in my vision that make me feel like my glasses are always dirty. I won't lie... I often find myself swatting at fruit flies that do not exist. Its not embarrassing.

Regardless- I went to the eye doctor and it turns out that I have a retinal tear. Boo! Thankfully I was given a really peaceful resolve about the whole thing. I was not worried at all the night before I saw the specialist- a rarity for me. Frankly I worry about what I am going to have for snack the next day. And its not just because I am a chubster. Here I am with just one eye blown up.

The specialist was a dear who dilated my eyes making me nearly blind. I am naturally just about as nearsighted as my Grandmother (who is blind) and due to the dilation was as farsighted as my two-week-old nephew. Needless to say I felt drunk at nine thirty in the morning.

The doctor told me I needed laser surgery and to me- there is no laser surgery unless it is removing hair from my German upper lip. After it was all said in done I had the "surgery" that day! It was not painful and I had hardly any discomfort. Now, the yellow tears, the huge metal contact and the near blindness was not fun, but its better than the eye patch my husband was hoping for. :)

So- to close, let me just say big ups to modern medicine and as always big ups to Jesus.

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