Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving I celebrated with my in-laws. This family never ceases to amaze me with how much they have accepted me as a family member! Jeff and I took a short drive down to his Uncle's house to spend the day with the Naumann clan. There were over 20 people there, but nothing that I could not handle- with a family like mine I am used to crowds! The food was great and the gambling was fun too. :)

There were some adorable dishes there and I just had to snap a few pictures of the creativity of the Massey women!

I am so happy to have gotten to spend my first holiday with my new family. And in the spirit of my families tradition- here is a list of what I am thankful for this year!

1. Never ending love of my Father God
2. My husband's seemingly endless patience with me
3. Adorable nephews
4. The chance to buy a house this year
5. A job...
6. My new found hobby of photography
7. My sisters... can never say that one enough
8. Treadmills
9. Pepto Bismol - you're lying if you say you arn't
10. My wedding album - seriously... its amazing. :)

And one final piece of BIG news... while at Thanksgiving, Uncle Dan and his fiance Colleen asked me to photograph their WEDDING!!!!!! I am terrified, honored and in need of some Pepto... but mostly just happy to be a part of their day! But seriously- where's the pepto?

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