Ten Miler Tribulations: Part 1

This was me. Four miles run. My posture is shot, my head is obviously wagging and my gut is hanging out. Glorious.

This was my first race. Now I have signed up for my second. Not a 5k, not even a 10k- no, a 10 mile race! My sister Lauren and friend Jen are both such super runners and super supporters that I have decided to risk life and limb by running in the Charlottesville 10 Miler.

For a frame of reference, that's 5.5 miles more than I have ever willingly run.

I am following a training program for the next 4 months and after going through approx. the first month I feel better running now then I ever have before in my life.

However... it is still my life and there are bound to be rediculous tales to tell along the way. That is why I have decided to create a new "segment", if you will, tallying and recalling the trials of my 10 miler experience. Let's start with the latest...

Lauren and I joined a very small gym so that we can continue to train even in the winter. Around Charlottesville its gets super frigid and there is nothing worse than sucking down December's cold air with all of your chubby might. It's less like breathing and more like being struck in the stomach with an iron pipe.

Everyday when my sister and I meet for our work outs (be it a short run, long run or cross training) we always have tons of stories to share. This day- I was carrying mine in my bag.

You see my husband does not wake up before me so I try and pack my gym bag in the dark. I thought I was packing a sports bra. Instead I grabbed something that looks more like a knee brace for my current body then it did a bathing suite top. Needless to say- this was NOT my sports bra. It was a bandeau top. This is basically just the smallest piece of bathing suite you can buy for the top portion of a female body.

Knees crossed, Lauren and I stood in the dressing room wheezing from laughter. What was I supposed to do I ask you!?!??!!?! If you are a man- you cant understand but ladies- hear me out! 4 miles in a glorified head band.

Yeah... I pushed it out. Was I pleased? Not at all. Will it happen again? Most likely.

Regardless, I am planning on doing this dang thing. Its not going to be easy and I know things far worse than running in a spandex ruberband will befall me, but with the unimaginable strength that God will grant me, I can doooooit. Pray that.


  1. Oh my word...this is a glorious post. I just love the pure transparency. You are a gifted wordsmith. Keep it coming. Love you!

  2. Robin I LOVE your writing style! Best of luck with that 10 miler! I've started running myself and it's a doozy sometimes!