I need to sloooooow down.

I put a leather high heal wedge in the washing machine and did not realize until I went to put it in the dryer.



  1. Haha! And I love that only one made it in wash. What happened to other? Maybe you should wash that one too, just to even things out. You can't go walking around with only one well washed shoe, you know.

  2. i did that once. here's how i fixed it.

    1. enter time machine.
    2. ensure time machine is not actually washing machine. (you can tell by the settings. rinse and spin are washing machine settings. yesterday and when things weren't so difficult are time machine settings).
    3. put on safety helmet and wrist guards.
    4. arrive to yesterday.
    5. remove wedge from washing machine.
    6. leave note for darryl to take out the trash. (why on earth i have to remind him so often to take out the trash is beyond me. he knows that monday is trash night. "it's not like it's a different day every week, hon," i always say to him. what is it with darryl? i know he hates taking out the trash, but it's his job. everytime time i see a lady hauling a giant bin up to the curb, i just want to scream. it's not ladylike. or proper.)
    7. repeat steps 2 and 3.
    8. arrive to present day.
    9. enjoy wedges as usual.