Non-Husband Dinner

Tonight my husband was not home for dinner, so I felt it necessary to make something he would absolutely hate, and I absolutely loved.

First, I got organic mushrooms and sautéed them in balsamic vinegar, pressed garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Then I had an assortment of olives and roasted red peppers. Finally I finished it off with an array of juiced organic veggies.  After describing my dinner to my sister, she asked me if I was going to stop shaving my legs since I'm a hippy now.

I told her I stopped shaving my legs when I got married. Very little would changed if I were to become said hippy.

After all of the healthy food, I still could not help drinking a glass of wine.  It may have defeated the whole idea of a healthy dinner, but it was white wine and mushrooms....  What sane human would object?

My husband.

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