Hue & Hum

Earlier, I mentioned that Jeff and I were going to celebrate "Not a Fathers Day", and celebrate we did.   As a gift for being such a good not-a-father, I enlisted the help of Hue & Hum

Hue & Hum are a super cute husband and wife duo.  She draws, he plays music.  Dreamy.

I sent a set of pictures the Hue (or is she Hum?), and she put together a rendering of the two of us, in all our child-less glory.  Take a peak.

Pretty dead on, huh?  I love the simple and fresh look of her work.  

Jeff's first reaction was... "are my feet really that big?".  

Glad you like it, bud. 

PS- If you like it, you can get one too!  www.hueandhum.com

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  1. I would agree with Jeff. I thought whoa those are huge feet!