Weigh-in #2

It’s been a while since I have checked in here about my tonnage issue. I mean, my weight issue.
To date, I have lost 7 pounds.  Slow going, but these are life changes, folks, not just a diet.  Diets come and go, much like waves of nausea when a co-worker uses 15 sprays of grocery store perfume.  

These changes are here to stay.  I hope.
I would like to take a minute to say thank you all for your encouraging comments. I am serious when I say you guys were my sunshine.  :)
Right now, my motivation is two fold.  The first is vain... because that's part of this.  I want to look good at a wedding I am going to in October.  It will be full of my husbands family and I would love to not worry about people feeling bad for my husband or thinking I am pregnant. Which leads me to motivation number two. 

I want to feel comfortable and to not look pregnant. No lie. I look preggers.  Full on six months without the glow.  To be honest, I’d better look a whole lot happier than this when I am with child.

Speaking of children, this weekend we are celebrating Your Not a Fathers Day!  Jeff and I have tried and tried, and we succeed every time in not making him a father. 

Boom shaka.

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