Random Thoughts On a Tuesday

  • There are extra large gaps in the bathroom stalls at work. Every time I walk into the bathroom I have to keep my eyes on the ground, unless I want a eye full of business lady-lady business, if you know what I mean. 
  • My husband told me I'm not a pirate hooker.  Thank the Lord he's here to remind me.
  • Nephew #2 prays for people by name, including me!  He calls me Beanie, and he calls husband, Buddy.  Can you stand it?  Can you?
  • I went to the doctor for some pain I was having in my kidneys  I was told it was back pain.  Boooooookay. So do you tell people who have meat thermometers shoved in their ears, that they are just having a headache?  In other news. I need to find a new doctor. 
  •  hate   love   fear   adore  can't stop eating fireballs.

I must leave you now. Tomorrow's french toast and coffee date with a long distance friend is quickly approaching.

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