The Webbies

How do I describe the Webbies?  He is smart, funny and genuine. She just got her Ph.D in Chemistry but even more than that,  she is gorgeous and sweet.  

These two have become some amazing friends to Jeff and I.  We have been so lucky to have them in our lives for the past few years. Sadly for us, but fortunate for them, they are moving back to their home state of West Virginia.  

I wanted to do some photos of them before they leave--which is this weekend... wah! I claimed they were for their 5 year anniversary, but really I just wanted to hang out with them.  :)  Jeff came along to ensure we were all laughing our butts off the whole time.  

Enjoy the photos!

Note the husband photo bomb...


  1. Bean...I don't think I know these folks, but if I put myself in their shoes, I'm pretty sure they are going to miss you just as much or more as you are going to miss them. You are an amazing friend and a damned good photographer!

  2. I know these folks...and you have captured their personalities so beautifully. Bravo! I'm sorry your buddies are leaving, but happy they are coming back to WV!

  3. They are all so beautiful! We will miss them. Good work Robin and gorgeous subjects :)

  4. I love these so much! Thank you for doing them...they are fantastic. I'm totally ordering a couple with Jeff in them. Too bad you didn't shoot totally in sepia. love you.