Richmond Half Marathon 2013

PURSUIT. The night before... dun dun duuuuun

If you don't have time to read the whole post here are a few highlights:
-I ran my best time ever!
-I ran the whole thing!
-I didn't poop myself!

Now for those of you seeking a more in-depth narrative...

The night before the race, my little sister and her husband were kind enough to allow a big group of us to take over their very nice home for the evening.  Thanks, Katie and Dan!  

The next morning,  I was less nervous and more angry about being awake so early.  I always get that feeling before races. 

We arrived, found a parking spot (only by the grace of God), and got our tails in a porta potty.

In our entourage, there were two folks running the 8k, so we had extra time to stand around, freeze, freak out and use the porta potties again. 

Catching a theme?

Mile 1-4
I felt really good for the first four miles.  Normally during my runs I listen to music the whole time, but for the race I decided to save my music for when I really needed it-- almost like an audible GU.  

I also planned to keep a slow, steady pace during the first 6 miles, and if I was able to hold back on mile 1 and 2, I knew that I would be able to pace myself better.  I was SUPER tempted to run off of the start line like the rest of the runners- going way too fast.   I just kept thinking... let them pass me during the first 6 miles. I will pass them in the last 7.

Mile 4-6 (aka the park)
Before I entered the park, I started to get the itch to speed up, almost like I was on mile 1 again. Once I entered the park it felt like the pavement was sucking all of the bounce out of my step, so that urge was quickly snuffed. I was contemplating leaving the pavement, and running on the grass,  but had a nagging feeling that there was a ninja race official who would tackle me and I'd be disqualified.  I was, apparently, rather irrational through the park.

Mile 6-8
At this point, I was still running and I was thrilled!  Normally I around mile 6 I start to get whinny, and I walk for a bit.  I was still feeling really strong so I figured I would keep going, knowing I would walk eventually.  

Mile 8-10
At mile 9 I wanted to stop. Not quit-- just stop. Those are two very different emotions.  I normally reach that point in my runs often, but deal with them by telling myself that I will be in so much pain during the race if I don't train properly. Instead of trying to pass that one off (even to an illogical brain), I told myself that I could do this not because of who I am, but because of who Christ is in me.  Yeah- it got crazy spiritual during these miles. Then I popped in my headphones and the Spirit and I boogied on.

Mile 10-12
I don't remember a thing from these miles. It's probably best. All I know is, I still had not stopped to walk. 

Mile 13-13.1
During the whole race I kept looking down at my watch trying to do the math to see if I could actually actually actually beat my time.  At .6 miles to go, I had 10 minutes to get to the finish line to beat my time. I could do juuuuust enough math to know that I was about to blow my PR out of the water.  

But first, in an effort to transition from from just a regular odd ball (who pays to fun 13.1 miles??), to a full on nut job,  I started saying out loud - "Point six. Ten minutes. Point six. Ten minutes"I was practically barking it by the time I could see the finish line--which was all blessedly downhill.  I crossed the finish line with an obnoxious fist pump and a thumbs up to my sisters.  I was exhausted, so don't judge me.  

In the end, my time was faster than I could have hoped, and I ran the whole thing. But I have to say the jewel in my crown that day was knowing that contrary to my fears during the last downhill, I had not pooped my pants. SUCCESS!


  1. YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you...because poop stains are the WORST to get out of clothes! No really, so proud of you friend! I knew you could do it! Thanks for the update....I had been waiting on this. I'm also glad you didn't run in the grass...I've heard races like that DO hire ninja's to be their officials, and that could have gotten ugly.

  2. Sister, you are awesome! I'm so proud of you! And just so you know, that fist bump and thumbs up looked amazing as you crossed the finish line. You couldn't have looked any better. I love you so much!