A while back, a few of my sisters and a few of my nephews loaded up a swager wagon with carseats, goldfish and enough ginger snaps to fortify a long journey to Oho. My father and grandparents live in Columbus, and I was personally long overdue for a visit.

While we were there, we did an early Thanksgiving, walked around the Columbus Zoo, played with 15 Chihuahuas and peed the bed.  Well, the nephews did the last one, but we were all pretty involved in it.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

Eating cheese out of Grandma Deana's hand

Duncan on a Moose. 

A real live reindeer. I often forget these are actual animals, unlike unicorns. 

A train track? Yes, please.

What are you looking at?

We get silly when we are all together.  Lauren being eaten by a bear.

Megan and Duncan. Can you spot Whit?

Duncan escaped and climbed onto a fake wagon. Because he's a boy. 


My favorite picture of the trip.
Standing under the food tank for the polar bears. Columbus zoo is so cool!

Pa holding my Tim Hortons (that's a thing, right?) while I snap away.

Whit would not sleep. There was just too much going on. 

Whit whit eating Muzzy's rutabagas

Snuggling with Muzzy 

What a hottie

My Grandparents, looking foxy.

Oh that smile.

The whole group. Minus Deana. Apparently she had to work? I don't get it. 

Pop pop and Me. 

Duncan at Mirror Lake. This might be the most awe struck I've ever seen him. 

Ohh! Water feature!

Loving it. 

So happy to have her boys with her on OSU's campus. 

At the OSU Oval

You can tell her level of happiness by counting the crinkles on her nose.

4 crinkles. 

15 crinkles.

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  1. haha I was wondering the other day if reindeer actually do exist. thanks for the picture, I began to doubt. :)