Standard Process Cleanse Day 1

My husband, our friend, (who I shall call) A, and I have started a 21 day cleanse.  Check back to see how we are doing!

Day one.  

Today I went through a whole gamut of emotions.  I was really excited this morning, and super unexcited the rest of the day. 

Too broad, you say?  Alright...

I got up at 5:30am to run with Lauren and her boyfriend (who is to blame for this whole thing).  The run was just ok.  Whats new? 

After the run, I was excited to go home and drink my smoothie. What I didn't take into account, was the fact that this smoothie was not going to be vanilla flavored. 

I put pineapple and peach into the smoothie on the recommendation of some highly trained cleanse professionals.  It turned out just fine, but the sadness of loosing my artificial vanilla flavored smoothie really took its toll.

Come 9 am I was ready for more food.  An entire green pepper and some cucumbers would have to do the trick.

Lunch time was pretty good! Some rice, salad and more veggies. So many veggies that at one point during the day I was pretty dagum close to vomiting.  It was as if my cube was somehow cold and extremely humid at the same time. 

As a general rule, my body hates raw veggies.  On this cleanse you are supposed to eat 2:1 raw to cooked veggies. No good for me, especially on day one.  I am hoping my body starts to accept the raw stuff a little better.  

After work, my sister met A and me at Whole Foods to get some groceries.  It was a train wreck. The two of us who just started today looked like someone had just stolen our puppies... or maybe just our red meat and carbohydrates.  I got especially moody upon passing the prepared foods section and catching a whiff of the spicy tofu and the bread.  

When I got home from grocery shopping I made dinner of assorted veggies and half a sweet potato.  Thank goodness for sweet potatoes!

My husband eventually made it home, and he was even worse off than I was.  He confessed that he had eaten carrots most of the day and had even gotten so hungry he ate a green pepper like an apple.  I wanted to cry and kiss him.  Mostly kiss him. 

I'm cleansing, not dead.

I have been told that tomorrow should either be exactly as hard or easier. I pray it is not harder.  I will run again tomorrow morning (like a fool), and hope it goes better than today. 

I'm off to bed. Its only 9:30.  What am I doing this for, again?

Cleanse Info to date:
Weight loss: too early to tell
Any Cheating: Only when I chewed some gum without thinking. Lay off!
Mood: Anywhere between angry and annoyed.  But hopeful. :)
Favorite food: Avocado and sweet potato.
Physical symptoms: Headache, and exhaustion. Did I mention there is no coffee on this plan?
Emotional symptoms: Anger, lack of concentration, feeling of dread upon seeing any more vegetables.


  1. try banana in the shake -- much better

    1. Thanks! I will try that and let you know how it goes!

  2. I thought of everyone last night and wondered how it went. I hope today is better for you! Keep us updated :)

  3. That sounds like a typical day 1. :) Congrats on getting through it - I'm so proud of you!! I CAN'T WAIT for more blog posts about how things are going for you guys. And no more gum today. :) Love you bunches!

  4. oh bless your heart! i don't think i like enough vegetables to even consider doing something like this. more power to you my friend. i will look forward to updates. love you.

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