Jules and her Babies #2

I am excited to say that Jules and her beautiful babies are back for another round of photos!  Check out how little these three were just a year ago!

The twins have grown up so much and have their own individual personalities. tw  Their big brother is still the same adventurous spirited little boy he was last year, but with a much larger vocabulary.

My favorite thing from this shoot was the way the twins say their brother's name. I wish I had recoreded it!  They kept yelling for him-- "Nooooo-ah!"

I considered stealing one of them, but I figured this thievery would not go unnoticed. Maybe next year. 

Government sanctioned lollipop break.  


  1. VERY cute!!!! Weezy :)

  2. I love these!!!!!!!!!!!! Jules looks great and so do the kids. Sure do miss them all!